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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ohio State fan Beats Michigan

12-year-old Grant Reed, the son of two Ohio State graduates, named his cancerous tumor “Michigan” after the school which undoubtedly was Reed’s biggest enemy in life before his illness.

14 months ago Reed was diagnosed with cancer, and on Friday he was released from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus after receiving his final chemotherapy session. It seems as though the Buckeyes are now 10-1 against their hated rivals in the last ten wins with this victory being added to the series.

As a Buckeye fan I obviously love this story. What’s the only thing better than a child defeating cancer? A child defeating cancer he named after That Team Up North of course. But this should be special to any college football fan. Stories like these are what make The Game and college rivalries in general so extraordinary.

You can go around the country and find places, like Columbus, Ohio, where college football is the majority religion in the area. And in those cities the second most popular religion is hating the guts of their team’s number one rival. If you go to Norman, Oklahoma, you better not wear burnt orange. If you take a trip to Auburn, Alabama, avoid the color red. If you travel to Corvallis, Oregon, don’t sport your latest Nike gear. Rivalries are one of the biggest factors in what keeps college football so interesting to so many people.

The importance of these rivalries can be found through stories like these, of a boy naming his tumor after the school he hates. If you ask me, it doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you, Grant Reed, for your inspiring struggle against and defeat of a truly horrible disease and for your commitment to arguably the greatest rivalry in college athletics and perhaps all of American sports (I could be biased in that assessment, though). I think I speak for everyone, even Wolverines, when I say we are glad you beat Michigan.


Justin Meyer
Aspiring Sports Journalist

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