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Friday, July 26, 2013

Joe Flacco landed a huge contract after winning the Super Bowl, is he really elite? A look at the biggest questions for each team as camps open.

The Ravens and Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl last year.  Many people, including me, were very hard on Flacco all season and expected him to fall short.  I'll give him credit, he did not fall apart.  But, can he do it for an entire season?  I look at his completion percentage and 3rd down conversion and question his ability to be elite.  This is clearly his team now, it's up to him to fulfill the expectations.

Here's a look at each teams big questions:

AFC East

Patriots - How will Brady respond with all new skill position players
Dolphins - What impact does Wallace have on Tannehill's development
Bills - Do the Bills finally have a QB in EJ Manual
Jets - The question of Sanchez vs Geno does not matter, they need an offensive line and WRs that can catch.

AFC North

Ravens - How will defense respond without Lewis and Reed
Browns - Can they generate any offense?  When is the Weeden experiment over and when does TR become DMC?
Bengals - Do the Bengals have enough weapons to jump over Balt and Pitt in the division
Steelers - How will the offense respond with some familiar faces gone, who steps up.

AFC South

Colts - Does Luck suffer a sophomore slump?  I expect them to get better but have fewer wins.
Titans - Is this Lockers last season?  Does CJ rebound or is his career over?
Jax - What are they doing in Jacksonville? 
Texans - Is this the year the window closes in Houston?  Foster and Johnson aren't getting younger.

AFC West

Chiefs - Can Reid and Smith lead KC to the division title.
Broncos - How does Wes Welker integrate into a Peyton Manning offense.
Raiders - Flynn, Pryor or Wilson....does it even matter.
Chargers - Is the Rivers era coming to a close?  Will he be remembered for lost potential?

NFC East

Redskins - Does RG3 recover fully and play a full season..... and can he remain healthy.
Eagles - What does Chip Kelly do in the NFL and who is his QB.
Dallas - Will Romo's new contract and role in planning the offense make a difference.
Giants - Will the Defense return to championship form.

NFC North

Lions - Forget the defense, what about three new starters on the offensive line.  
Bears - Will the new coach bring an offensive explosion for Cutler.
Packers - Do they have enough defense and running game to make it to New York.
Vikings - How does AP defy the odds coming off of a 2,000yd season.

NFC South

Saints - Will Sean Payton's return put the Saints back in a SB run.
Bucs - Has Revis fully recovered from his knee injury.
Panthers - Will the new offense help or hurt Newton.
Falcons - Do the Falcons take the next step and play for the SB this year.

NFC West

49ers - Even with the loss of Crabtree, is this a better offense than last year.
Seahawks - Can Harvin help Wilson avoid a sophomore slump.
Rams - Is this Bradford's last year to prove he's a NFL QB.
Cards - Palmer gives them something at QB, they had nothing last year.

I know I listed more than one for some teams and made some statements instead of questions.....but did I miss any major ones?

Scott King

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