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Friday, July 5, 2013

Has the Cowboys part time GM given them enough talent to make the playoffs? Record predictions 2.0

The Cowboys have been hovering around 8 wins in recent years and missing the playoffs.  Dallas is the only team in the league with a part time General Manager.  This team has talent  at the skill positions, but something is always missing to put them over the top.  What is that one thing? 

Have they done enough to make a run this year?  This is my second pass through my database predicting every teams record.  

Here's where I have every team this season.

AFC East
Patriots 12
Dolphins 7 
Jets 3 
Bills 1 

AFC North
Ravens 11 
Bengals 11 
Steelers 12 
Browns 2

AFC South
Texans 11 
Colts 7 
Titans 7 
Jaguars 1

AFC West
Broncos 11
Chargers 4
Raiders 3
Chiefs 12

NFC East
Redskins 6 
Giants 10 
Cowboys 8 
Eagles 8 

NFC North
Packers 11
Vikings 6 
Bears 11 
Lions 10 

NFC South
Falcons 11 
Panthers 5
Saints 11 
Buccaneers 6 

NFC West
49ers 14
Seahawks 12
Rams 4
Cardinals 8

AFC Playoffs – Patriots, Steelers, Texans, Chiefs.  WC - Broncos and Ravens
AFC Championship – Chiefs vs Broncos

NFC Playoffs – Giants, Packers, Falcons, 49ers.  WC - Seahawks and Saints
NFC Championship - Seahawks vs Packers

Super Bowl - Packers over Broncos

Let me know your thoughts


Scott King


  1. Replies
    1. Glad I finally reached the teenage girl demographic...OMG....

      How many wins do you see?

    2. Here are the specific games..... Jax, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Raiders, Texans, Browns, Bills, Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Colts

  2. The cowboys have talent at skill positions. The cowboys don't have talent at the head coach position. Until that time that they get skill at the head coaching position the cowboys will be a consistent 8-8 team that is going nowhere. Any honest true Cowboy football fan knows this.

  3. With a few exceptions, it takes most head coaches at least 3 years to get their team competitive.

    Jason Garrett only has 2.5 years and this is his make or break year.

    When people say that Dallas has talent at the skill positions, they are only talking about the QB, TE, and WR. The Cowboys are missing talent in other areas such as the OL, RB, Safety and LB.

  4. Yes dallas should have drafted larry warford and de tank carradine .some one messed up their draft ?Who could that possibly be to trade down with your #1 position.STUPID way to run an organization.