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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cuban Missile Crisis: All-Star Home Run Derby ‘13

It wasn’t the Russians, it was Yoenis Cespedes of the Oakland Athletics. Selected for the All-Star Home Run Derby event only, Cespedes didn’t need to save his energy for tomorrow night’s game. The result was a display of raw hitting talent that made Yoenis Cespedes look a whole lot like Bo Jackson.

Cespedes started his quest for the Derby crown with a tidy seventeen home runs in the first round. The next closest competition came from Bryce Harper of the Nationals and Chris Davis of the Orioles at eight runs apiece. After a more modest second round where Cespedes hit only six runs he advanced to the finals against Bryce Hunter. Hunter had performed consistently on the night, hitting eight homers in each of the first two rounds.

The final round of play began with Hunter, who put on a good show as he posted yet another eight point showing. Cespedes quickly answered back and tied Hunter at eight with only five outs with one ball landing in the third deck of Citi Field. His ninth run was a bomb down center for 455 feet, punctuating his victory. Players like Yoenis Cespedes are what make a team like The Athletics so great to watch.


Chris Flagler

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