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Monday, June 17, 2013

Who will start under center for the Jets in 2013?

If the New York Jets are going to turn things around in 2013, the one thing they need to get sorted out as quickly as possible is their quarterback situation. Returning starter Mark Sanchez figures to be the front-runner, but once the team took GenoSmith in the 2013 NFL draft, things got a little more competitive. The question is, can either one of them carry a team to the playoffs?

Things have certainly not gone well for Sanchez in the past couple of seasons, despite having such a promising start to his NFL career. After a dismal 2012 season in which Sanchez didn’t even do enough to feature in fantasy football leagues, many people were ready to make this change at quarterback with some new blood. That is where rookie Smith comes in.

However, early reports from OTAs are indicating that Smith is nowhere near ready to actually be a quarterback in New York’s system. The West Coast offense that MartyMorninwheg runs is extremely different from what West Virginia ran last season. Head coach Rex Ryan also has expressed concern about Smith and his ability to learn all the nuances of the offense in time to be a factor in 2013.

Whether people like it or not, it looks as though Sanchez will get at least one more season to be the starter. In his defense, he had very little to work with as far as wide receivers and tight ends are concerned. With some off-season improvements, things could be looking up a bit. However, his decision-making and accuracy needs to improve for him to hold onto his job in the long run.

Regardless as to who starts, the offensive line needs to provide more time for either quarterback. Sanchez was not very good last season, but his offensive line and receivers certainly didn’t help him any either. There are quite a few team issues surrounding the Jets right now, but right now the most glaring one is the high-profile quarterback position.

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