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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Warren Sapp's sour, sour grapes

 It’s been a long time since Warren Sapp squeezed his little piggy-legs in football pants but the broke blowhard offers plenty of opinion regarding the current state of the NFL, namely aPittsburgh Steelers defense that he has ad nauseam branded ’old and slow’. Sapp was back at it Wednesday, when asked byNFL Total Access if he still thinks the Steelers defense ’old and slow’ the bankrupt pundit took the bait exclaiming ”yes, I would.”  

It appears Sapp has waited a long time to throw mud at thePittsburgh Steelers, a franchise that repeatedly turned the outspoken defensive lineman into a non-factor back when he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One such instance that has become legend in the Pittsburgh Sports Bible took place during a Monday Night Football match-up in Tampa Bay onDecember 23, 2002.

Warren Sapp was fond of walking through the opposition’s pre-game warm-ups, an action considered highly disrespectful by opposing athletes. Apparently the never-missed-a-meal Sappwas joined by teammate Nate Webster as the two attempted to skip like schoolgirls through the stretching-line. According toSteelers linebacker Larry Foote the two were met by Jason Gildon and Joey Porter, who were not at all amused and so proceeded to snatch the Buccaneers by the throat and sent them on their way, the Pittsburgh Steelers bullied Tampa Bay up and down the field until the game closed at 17 – 7. I guessWarren Sapp never got over that, 240 pairs of sneakers or not.

John Thomas Menesini
NFL Staff Writer
Football Extra Points


  1. Sapp was a loser as a player and he continues that tradition as a so called NFL analyst

  2. Why this blathering mush-mouthed idiot has a job as an "analyst" is indeed a mystery

  3. I agree whole heartedly. Besides Sapp was always slow, young or old!!!

  4. I remember the Bus giving him a big hurry on his way too when he tried that.

  5. he just telling the truth so why attack the man! and all of you talking smack would have loved to have had Sapp on your D-Line during his prime! SHUT UP!!!!!! and get a new D! COWBOYS RULE

    1. All the Cowboys rule are their couches in the post-season

  6. Hey Cowboys fan what do the cowboys rule? They have sucked the last 10 seasons. Get clue! Better yet get a different team. LOL

  7. Sucked for the last 10 seasons??? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME? They have a much better...
    ...oh wait they still do suck (pretty f*cking hard too), and its been way longer than 10 seasons. We are almost looking at 2 full decades of Cowboy crap. Yet, ESPN still talks about them and Tony Homo and Jerry "Owns" Jones like they mean something. The Cowboys will be living in the cellar in the NFC East and will wish they had a more competent QB.

  8. Mr. Sapp has a right to his opinion as an NFL analyst. I on the other hand disagree. The Steelers address some areas this year and will need to address in draft next year also. If Heyward, Hood, Worilds, McLendon/Woods step up, Troy, Clark and Brett will be fine. We also have some young talent at DB, but with Lake and Woodson on hand I believe we will be fine. Okay Steelers go out and prove him wrong. Steeler fan.

  9. Sie Blog ist ein Blickfang. Ich Freude daran. Vielen Dank für dieses schöne Stück zu schreiben mit mir.