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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oakland A’s Chasing Down Red Sox for AL Dominance

The Oakland A’s have been a hot ticket as of late in the AL West, but what about the American League as a whole? A’s fans will have little trouble remembering a time when such accolades were merely a pipe dream, however last years rally for the title has cemented a degree of excellence in the Bay Area underdog.

The Athletics are only one game away from tying theBoston Red Sox with forty-four wins apiece. The Athletics are slated to play the fourth and final game of a series against the always competitive Texas Rangers this afternoon, and they need a win. Equally important with the Athletics victory is a loss from the Red Sox this evening when they play the Detroit Tigers.

Today’s matchup against Texas will showcase the talents of A’s pitcher A.J. Griffin as he battles the mound against Lindblom of the Rangers. The dynamic and sometimes volatile pitching of Griffin has been a source of discussion amongst the Athletics organization with Athletics Manager Bob Melvin commenting in a recent press conference that “He seems to make a pitch when he has to.”

However the dice fall in today’s outings, the Athletics are still here to play. Oakland has made a continuing statement this year that they are not to be taken lightly. Currently first in the AL West, the next article has a chance to feature them as leaders of the entire American League.

-Chris Flagler

Twitter: @TheKai27

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