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Friday, June 14, 2013

Lindsay Lohan thinks Terrell Owens is Delusional

Terrell Owens told the NFL Network that the Minnesota Vikings or the Kansas City Chiefs would be a perfect fit for him.  Any sane Vikings fan would hope that the Chiefs are rushing out to sign him to a contract.  With Andy Reid and Brad Childress on the staff in K.C. that seems very unlikely.

T.O. must think that with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson wearing an orange jumpsuit for the next 30 days, now is the time for him to strike.  With Titus Young obviously in need of some professional attention, Owens can present himself as a rationale human being.

Coach Leslie Frazier knows that this is a make or break year for Christian Ponder. Does Terrell really think that this is time for him to wear purple and gold?  Frazier and General Manager Rick Spielman have to know that their jobs would be in severe jeopardy by even considering signing Owens.

Cory Cason

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  1. And Lindsay is absent too. Sorry sotry Cory.