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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does Lebron toy with the NBA for fun?

I grew up in the Jordan 90’s, but I only started to understand the game of basketball in the Laker/Spurs 2000’s. So I apologize to any Jordan fan that thinks I’m insulting his airness. I’m not. I think Michael is the greatest, hands down. But there is one thing Lebron has on MJ (besides for his build); his toying around with the NBA. You see, MJ was just all about winning. But Lebron is young and grew up in the 90’s, and he also likes to have fun. MJ scored 32+ PPG in 5 seasons with his highest clip at 37.1 in 86-87. Lebron’s highest is 31.4 in 05-06 and I have a feeling he won’t ever top 32 PPG.

Why? Because Lebron likes to have fun. Lebron likes to have triple doubles, and Lebron likes when his shooting percentage is near a center’s shooting percentage, so he’ll just shoot 63% in the first round this year. Lebron likes streaks, so he’ll rattle off 27 wins. Lebron likes being the forward who averages the most assists per game. And my favorite, Lebron sometimes chooses to not get back on defense right away just so he can come out of nowhere for his signature chasedown block. The NBA is his playground. And that’s why the Spurs have NO chance. Like 0%. I love the Spurs and they’ve always been my 2nd favorite team, so I want to think they have a chance, but they don’t. Nobody does. Nobody for the next 5 years does. It’s Lebron’s NBA and he will do whatever he wants with it.

What’s my proof? Remember when everyone thought the Pacers could beat the Heat? So Lebron got lazy and let it slip to seven games, but was game 7 even close? No. Because Lebron (and the Heat) can will at will. They just like messing with our minds and letting us think other teams have a chance. So after game 1 of the finals, we all started thinking, maybe San Antonio’s experience will just outmatch the Heat… Maybe Lebron can’t do it all…Well guess what, we just fell into their trap as they reminded us in a game 2 thrashing.

It says a lot when you go for 17 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 blocks, and 3 steals in a huge win and everyone thinks you just had a terrible game.

Lebron has all of us on a string, and he absolutely loves to swing it around. Barring an injury, Lebron will win the Championship (at least) 4 more times in the next 5 years and none of us will be surprised. But you still gotta brace yourself cuz just like ‘The Decision’ where Lebron gave us an hour of drama before revealing his inevitable plans; it’s gonna be a fun ride.


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