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Friday, June 14, 2013

Coming off 2,000yds, is the Vikings' Adrian Peterson a fantasy risk? Fantasy RB Rankings 1.0

The Vikings' Adrian Peterson said that he wants to rush for 2,500yds this season.  While that is impossible to obtain, it's great that he is setting such a high goal.  The problem is, players coming off 2,000yd seasons are a risk.  

Are you willing to pass-up AP at the top of the draft?

With OTA's wrapping up, we have about 5 weeks until Training Camps start.  I've put together my fantasy rankings as they stand today.  This is my actual draft chart as I enter into early drafts.  You'll notice there are some players names missing from my list.  One thing I do differently is that I exclude players that I do not intend to draft.  I've found that if I rank players I don't plan to draft, it tempts me to select them.  I exclude players that have injury risks, players that are not dependable and players.

Let me know if I've left someone off you feel is worth drafting, and why.

RB Rankings

Tier 1

Adrian Peterson
Arian Foster
Doug Martin

Tier 2

Marshawn Lynch
Ray Rice
Jamaal Charles

Tier 3

Alfred Morris
CJ Spiller
Stevan Ridley

Tier 4

Trent Richardson
Frank Gore
Matt Forte

Tier 5

Chris Johnson
Reggie Bush
LeSean McCoy

Tier 6 

Mikel Leshoure
DeMarco Murray

Scott King

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