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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will the Cowboys make the playoffs after a terrible draft? NFLPredictions 1.0

The Dallas Cowboys and their part time GM didn't have a great draft, how will that impact their season.  After signing Tony Romo to a huge contract, does he have enough talent to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs?  The NFC East has some solid teams and don't expect the Eagles to be a door mat again this season.  

I like the Cowboys to win their home games, especially within the division, except when the Packers come to town.  Their road schedule is tough and I see them dropping their games against: KC, Det, NO, NYG, CHI and Washington.

The NFC East is a tough division and the NFC is a loaded Conference, 9-7 does not get them into the playoffs.

AFC East
Patriots 12
Dolphins 7
Jets 3
Bills 1

AFC North
Ravens 12
Bengals 11
Steelers 12
Browns 3

AFC South
Texans 12
Colts 8
Titans 7
Jaguars 2

AFC West
Broncos 10
Chargers 8
Raiders 1
Chiefs 11

NFC East
Redskins 8
Giants 11
Cowboys 9
Eagles 4

NFC North
Packers 10
Vikings 5
Lions 10
Bears 10

NFC South
Falcons 13
Panthers 4
Saints 12
Buccaneers 6

NFC West
49ers 13
Seahawks 12
Rams 4
Cardinals 5

AFC Playoff Teams

NFC Playoff Teams

AFC Championship
Patriots vs Broncos

NFC Championship
Seahawks vs Packers

Broncos vs Packers

Champions - Packers

That's the first pass at my season predictions, I'll update them as we progress through camps.

Scott King


  1. TRUE COWBOY FAN Are you kidding me ? slacker you don't know what you're talking about is your article meant to be a joke ? GO COWBOYS ! ! COWBOY FAN For Life

  2. ya this is article is a joke lol

  3. This article is close to reality. I have been a Cowboy fan for over 40 years, but it is what it is. A very challenging year.

  4. This article is rather silly and this guy obviously hasnt done his homework. If the numbers represent what I assume is each team's victory count there arent enough games played during an NFL season to match all of the victories assigned. 32 NFL teams play only 256 games during a 16 game season. Check my math but he has assigned 267 victories amongst the teams listed.

    1. Thanks, I had the Raiders at 12, but it should have been 1 win.

  5. Will the Cowboys make the playoffs after a terrible draft? You just mentioned they had a terrible draft so why even ask a stupid question??? Are we supposed to say "yes, they will make the playoffs after another terrible draft?" You tell us

  6. I don't see them loosing to the Chiefs or the Lions. I think the Seahawks are going to flop this year. Giants over Skins by 3 games? Raiders & Chiefs with double digit wins? Your kidding Right?

    1. I like the Chiefs a lot this season. The Raiders was a typo, they should have 1 win.