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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Each NBA Team Needs – Bobcats

As the field for the NBA Finals is now down to 4 (Indiana, Miami, SAS, Memphis), the hopes and dreams of the other 26 teams have faded quickly. Some of them (Clippers, Knicks, Nuggets, OKC) left the playoffs too early, some of them (Lakers, Brooklyn) never materialized what they thought was a great team, and others (Minnesota, Philadelphia) were hit by the injury bug and never got to see their team perform at expectations. So as 4 teams compete for the ultimate goal, let’s go over what each team needs, in order to reach the conference finals next year. We’re going to go over a few teams each week as we approach the NBA draft.

Group K – Not really sure what’s going on here…

28 – Bobcats (soon to be known as the Hornets)
Ok, so it’s pretty obvious Michael Jordan was a much better player than he has been owner. But, lucky for him, he’s Michael Jordan, he’s extremely wealthy, and being an owner doesn’t rely on having great knees, so he can literally stick around until this team is good. The past few years they shed their entire team and started again with Kemba Walker. That he is a solid scorer (albeit on a bad team) is a wonderful starting piece to have. Then, this past year they drafted Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who unlike many of MJ’s other picks, is actually a well-rounded NBA type of player. So let’s assume they build around the two of them.

What else do they have? Gerald Henderson, Ramon Sessions, and Byron Mullens. Let’s assume Ben Gordon will not be a Bobcat next year. Do the 5 players I listed make a good team? Absolutely not. Do Henderson, Sessions, and Mullens make a nice trio coming off the bench? Absolutely. So, as is the theme with the bottom teams in this league, they need to move their starters to the bench and find true NBA starter-caliber players. So who can they pick up/draft to help them out?

The bad news for Charlotte is that they will be the Bobcats for one more year (oh, and they ended up with the 4th pick in the NBA draft when they should’ve ended up with the 2nd  and won’t get Noel on the defensive side or McLemore on the offensive side. The good news for Charlotte, however, is that they fell into the perfect place to select Victor Oladipo who, will form a very tough 2-3 punch with Kidd-Gilchrist (perfectly suited to defend a Lebron/D-Wade tandem…) Now all of a sudden they have their 1 2 and 3. Unfortunately though, that’s all they have (and don't expect too much scoring from Kidd-Gilchrist and Oladipo). Look forward to the Bobcats struggling as usual without a frontcourt, but then becoming the Hornets, and getting a great pick in next year’s draft and finding themselves a true big man, and then… the sky’s the limit with a talented 1-2-3 punch that they’ll have this year.

Needs: True point guard or SG who can handle the ball, front court players

Kemba Walker
Victor Oladipo (draft)
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Byron Mullens
Bismak Biyombo

Key Bench Players:
Ramon Sessions
Gerald Henderson

Would this team make it to the Conference Finals? No.
Would this team make it to the Playoffs? No.
Would this team have any Forward/Center? No.
Would it be nice if the lowly Bobcats are the team that gives the Heat issues during the regular season? Yes (Cleveland fans are cheering).

Joe K

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