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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throwback punter Chris Kluwe signs with the Raiders... Politics entersthe NFL.

Minnesota punter Chris Kluwe signs with the Oakland Raiders today. Normally the signing of a punter is buried on the transaction section of any sports website. For a few reasons THIS team signing THIS punter is very different. 

For those that aren't aware, there has been no punter or really no NFL player like Kluwe since the 70's when political activism and speaking out against what is not right was common. Carrying that torch Kluwe has been a vocal advocate for equal rights in sports and more dramatically marriage equality in our country. Where making political statements is a big no no in today's professional sports landscape, Kluwe cares not for that unspoken rule. From the outside it appears it was Kluwe's mouth that ran him out of Minnesota not his leg. Kluwe is very possibly the Vikings greatest punter in franchise history averaging 44.4 yards a punt and kicking for 27,683 total yards in his 9 yr career for the purple and gold.

It's also pretty important to a raider fan base when you're replacing a superstar in Shane Lechler, possibly the second greatest punter in NFL history. With a more open, free thinking, less conservative common view in the Bay Area, this signing is a perfect match. I mean come on, in a December game last year Kluwe covered his hall of fame patch on his jersey with "vote Ray Guy". He's destined to be in Oakland!

With the signing of special teams master Josh Cribbs yesterday and now Chris Kluwe Reggie Mackenzie is making waves and a name for himself this off season, the future is looking bright for the Silver and Black.

Ed VanWaes

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  1. Nice article, I dig this kid already. I would like to see the Raiders end their slump and get back to feilding quality football teams. This spoken from a Steelers fan Daddy-O