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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Vikings Powerball Number is 7

With the Power Ball jackpot hitting upwards of $600 million, it seems like owner Zygi Wilf and the rest of the Vikings owners should buy some tickets to cover the rest of the cost of the Vikings awesomely designed new stadium.

There is no doubt that that Mr. Wilf will fill in the number 28 on those little lottery tickets to represent Adrian Peterson.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that 3 is the next number for kicker Blair Walsh for the great season he had last year.

I’m guessing Zyg would go 52 for Chad Greenway.

You would think that General Manager Rick Spielman would chime in with 42 for Jerome Felton who just signed a nice contract for a fullback in the offseason.

The executive committee might recommend 16 with the signing of backup quarterback Matt Cassell.

The wildcard number would be 32 for Toby Gerhardt.   Peterson has goal of 2500 yards, but injuries do happen.

The way Powerball works, one only has so many options when choosing the numbers.  I can’t include the 69 of Jarred Allen, or most of the defense or offensive line.

The circle that Wilf and the Vikings need to fill in is 7.  Christian Ponder.  If that number doesn’t show up, the Vikings will not hit the jackpot.

Cory Cason

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