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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Ravens were lucky to beat the Broncos last season in the playoffs. Can Joe Flacco lead them back to the Super Bowl this season? NFL predictions 1.0

The Ravens won it all last year, but this year they will field a very different team.  Joe Flacco has a huge contract, which is great for him, but I think he's over paid.  His completion percentage is not great and his 3rd down numbers aren't either.  With Bolden gone and a new players needed to step-up on defense, what are their chances to repeat? 

Here's a look at each teams record.

AFC East
Patriots 13
Dolphins 7
Jets 3
Bills 1

AFC North
Ravens 12
Bengals 10
Steelers 12
Browns 3

AFC South
Texans 12
Colts 8
Titans 7
Jaguars 2

AFC West
Broncos 10
Chargers 8
Raiders 1
Chiefs 11

NFC East
Redskins 8
Giants 11
Cowboys 9
Eagles 4

NFC North
Packers 10
Vikings 5
Lions 10
Bears 10

NFC South
Falcons 13
Panthers 4
Saints 12
Buccaneers 6

NFC West
49ers 13
Seahawks 12
Rams 4
Cardinals 5

AFC Playoff Teams

NFC Playoff Teams

AFC Championship
Patriots vs Broncos

NFC Championship
Seahawks vs Packers

Broncos vs Packers

Champions - Packers

That's the first pass at my season predictions, I'll update them as we progress through camps.



  1. Now that's funny.

  2. This article was so expertly done that I can't imagine it is wrong. I hope the Ravens get that one good new "players" on defense.

  3. I guess the Ravens were lucky when they beat New England, Indy, and S.F... Denver was lucky the break downs on Ravens special team provided them 14 points. Stop the hateing, give the Ravens some respect, they won the man on man battles on the field and are super bowl champs.

  4. Scott , I bet you watch ESPN ( enough,stupid,picks, now)the same kind of picks they have every year.Brees, Manning, other Manning, Brady and anybody else besides Flacco. I hate to be the one to tell you but the Ravens are going to be a force to recon with for some years to come. Nobody gives the Ravens any love and we like it that way!!! There's nothing better than to hear people like you say the Ravens just got lucky. The Ravens are one of the best teams out their from the front office to the water boy, so get used to it you'll see them raise that SB trophy more than those other guys!!!

  5. Yes, the Ravens were lucky, Joe is just average and the team certainly DID NOT upgrade EVERY position player that they lost... HA HA !! and for the record, his name is BOLDIN, not Bolden... its laughable at the very least.. The Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL from top to bottom... no worries here ! GO RAVENS !!!

  6. I bet your a cheese head fan. Yes for your information Flacco has as many SB trophys as Rodgers and Patton Manning, I guess they just got lucky too!!! This team will show you all how great teams respond. You better hope they don't run into your favorite team because they will be going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I've got a joke for you, your team beats the Ravens, NOT!!!