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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Broncos failed to win a playoff game last season because of one badplay. What will they do in 2013? NFL Predictions 1.0.

If the Broncos play that pass from Joe Flacco last season, Peyton Manning may have his second Super Bowl.  What will the addition of Wes Welker do for Manning this season?  Does Denver have enough defense to win in the AFC?  

Here's a look at every teams win totals and playoff predictions.

AFC East
Patriots 13
Dolphins 7
Jets 3
Bills 1

AFC North
Ravens 12
Bengals 10
Steelers 12
Browns 3

AFC South
Texans 12
Colts 8
Titans 7
Jaguars 2

AFC West
Broncos 10
Chargers 8
Raiders 1
Chiefs 11

NFC East
Redskins 8
Giants 11
Cowboys 9
Eagles 4

NFC North
Packers 10
Vikings 5
Lions 10
Bears 10

NFC South
Falcons 13
Panthers 4
Saints 12
Buccaneers 6

NFC West
49ers 13
Seahawks 12
Rams 4
Cardinals 5

AFC Playoff Teams

NFC Playoff Teams

AFC Championship
Patriots vs Broncos

NFC Championship
Seahawks vs Packers

Broncos vs Packers

Champions - Packers

That's the first pass at my season predictions, I'll update them as we progress through camps.



  1. Um, how do the Broncos make the Super Bowl? With your win predictions, they wouldn't even make the playoffs. Both wild cards would be from the North. The Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals all win more than Denver, and with the Chiefs winning the West, the Broncos watch the playoffs at home.

  2. Its hard to pinpoint which part of this article is the worst. Not only are you incredibly harsh on some mediocre teams like the rams and vikings but you also seem to think the chiefs and steelers are miracles waiting to happen. Moreover, you have the broncos at 10 wins which is of course a reasonable conclusion for a 13-3 teams that loses one player and gains a half dozen other playmakers to compensate. But that's not even the best part. You either have such a faulty knowledge of the postseason, or spent so little time reviewing your own work that you didn't even make postseason-predictions based on what teams would be in if your asinine regular season-predictions were true. Your stupidity just evenhandedly cheapened every Packers fan's hopes for a Lombardi trophy.