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Friday, May 17, 2013

Replacing Lechler in Oakland

The Oakland Raiders are rebuilding, and recently (due cap reasons) had to let the greatest punter the game has ever seen go. They have made recent strides to doing this with some outstanding acquisitions to the special team’s core. The biggest may be signing outstanding special teams kick returner and wide receiver veteran Josh Cribs .Josh averaged  and excellent 27.4 yards on kick returns with his longest being 74 yards and over  1,000 return yards for the season. Add a nearly 500 more yards and a season longest 60 on punt returns to those numbers. Josh can make an immediate impact to the Raiders Special team’s core.

In addition, the Raiders are having some competition at Punter with Rookie Bobby Cowen from Idaho and second year player Marquette King. King (24) a prototypical sized 6’ NFL Punter while the Rookie Cowen (23) is a 6’4” 220lb long legged. Either way they are looking for long term talent.
I cannot say enough about the effort the Reggie McKenzie and the Raiders staff have done this offseason to make the “unpopular moves” to turn this organization around.

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