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Monday, May 20, 2013

Mike Wallace is not an athlete but he plays one on TV

You can make the sour grapes argument; I will eat that. But also realize that what I say is accurate enough to make such bold proclamations, and that I hold the young Dolphin accountable for self-serving behavior while playing on a team, in a team sport. I have zero respect for any athlete who gives up on a play, fizzles a route, takes a play off, or drops an assignment on purpose. Quite possibly the greatest play in NFL history is due entirely to not having given up until the whistle; The Immaculate Reception by the legendary Franco Harris.


Mike Wallace held out and tried to force the hand of the Pittsburgh Steelers, an unwise move on his part to not recognize they are an organization whose hand is not forced. In a statement move the Steelers went and signed Antonio Brown to a 5yr 42 million dollar contract. Wallace was gone in free agency 2013.


Now he is a celebrity in the sun in Miami. Good Luck Dolphins. I hope for your sake Young Money isn’t a One-Trick Pony as Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin used to chide. I hope he catches with his hands not his body; I hope he plays for the ball and extends himself to get into the best position possible to catch QB Tannehill’s ’better’ bombs. I hope money was the motivation he needed to put the team first and make splash plays with the team’s successes in mind. But I am a skeptic, and I somehow doubt it.

John Thomas Menesini


  1. You might just see the "old" Mike Wallace of his 2nd yr with the Steelers. However you will not see that again in subsequent yrs. His inconsistency will again become a problem for Miami

  2. You can't understand the thought process of Mike Wallace or any star athlete. If you were in the last year of your contract it would be wise to have a great year! Few athletes feel obligated to be worth their pay. Either they want to be the best, or they don't. Very few extend a supreme effort for a long period of time. After a few million dollars, they become more of a reality star and less an athlete. Ask Kordell Stewart.