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Monday, May 6, 2013

Grow up Lebron; I Don’t Want the Best Player of All-Time to be You

I believe you can make an argument that Lebron can end up as the best player of all time. I’m not saying that he is or that he will be, but I think that it’s actually possible. He would have to parlay his insane athleticism and presence into a bunch of more championships, and he would have to work on his jumper, but I really think he can potentially surpass Jordan.

But I do not want that to happen. Not with Lebron still being a sensitive guy who’s quite full of himself. MJ was full of himself and so is Kobe, but that came along with a sense of toughness and fight. They wanted to go out there every game and stick it to anyone who doubted them. Lebron does too; but not because he’s ultra-competitive, but because he’s got sensitive feelings.
So when only one writer voted for Carmelo Anthony to win the MVP award, Lebron’s response was, “It's probably a writer out of New York that didn't give me the vote. I know the history between the Heat and the Knicks. So I get it." Here is Kobe’s or MJ’s response if it were to happen to them. “Next year that writer will feel really stupid for voting against me when he sees what I do next”.
The difference is that Lebron doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get that maybe someone actually thought he should not be the MVP. Case in point, Gary Washburn, who was that lone vote for ‘Melo is from Boston, aka “we hate NY”. Believe me, he probably really wanted to vote for Lebron just to spite ‘Melo, but he actually believed ‘Melo was a more valuable player to his team.
So Lebron, instead of assuming people either think you’re a king, or they’re just being silly, why don’t you start figuring out how you’re going show Gary Washburn next year that you mean even more to your team than ‘Melo does (even though the Knicks are nothing without him).
Here’s an idea; stop playing with perennial all-stars who would become a great team even without you. Maybe then, people will see that you aren’t just the best, but the most valuable player for your team as well. And maybe then, people will realize you can be even better than Jordan. But please grow up first.



  1. You must really be an idiot for making such BS statements

    1. Well I write my opinions and you can have yours. But let me try to convince you of mine - I actually believe that Lebron is a little too full of himself, he immediately assumed it was some writer in NY who clearly was biased. Meaning he assumed he is clearly the best. I think a more proper response should have been, I wonder why someone didnt vote for me, what possible flaw did he see in my game.

      It's a tiny difference but I think it shows his charachter. Did that clarify my thoughts at all? What's your response?