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Friday, May 3, 2013

Addition by subtraction, and addition is the reason Golden State is now winning in the playoffs.

Lost in the recent hype of the Golden State Warriors playoff series win over the Denver Nuggets is how bad this team was only a season ago, and the season before that, etc. They started the 2012 campaign with two great players playing the same position. One was an entrenched fan favorite capable of scoring at will, the other a young phoneme touted as the next great shooter but whose frail body tended to be injury prone . Besides those two there wasn't a lot left to build on. What management and ownership decided to do, what they had to do, was part with one of these assets and build a real NBA team. Lets just say they made the right choice.

Trading Monta Ellis for an injured Andrew Bogut and thus sacrificing the entire 2012 season has paid dividends for this season and seasons to come. 2012's 23-43 record also allowed them to manipulate the draft and pick three rookies that are contributing like no one imagined. Without Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, and Dreymond Green's contributions and Boguts dominance in the middle the warriors would be planning vacations and hoping for lucky ping pong balls in a few weeks.

It also has been this addition by subtraction that has allowed Steph Curry to blossom into one of the most dominant players in the league. It has been the sacrifice of watching an injured Andrew Bogut sit the bench while beloved Monta score baskets in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform that has given the best fans in the league a chance to cheer in May. Soak it up Warrior fans there's more where that came from and welcome to the NBA elite.

Ed VanWaes

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