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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zimmerman’s Injury Could be a Blessing in Disguise For Nationals

When Washington Nationals’ top prospect Anthony Rendon was called up from AA Harrisburg after Saturday’s win against the New York Mets, many fans and pundits across baseball wondered how the injury to Ryan Zimmerman could affect the Nationals and their “World Series or bust” proclamation by Manager Davey Johnson. While this injury seems like it could have a negative impact, Rendon’s call-up will allow Nationals’ management a glimpse into the future and see how their corner infield could shake out in the next two to three years.

While the Nationals will miss Zimmerman’s lifetime .282 batting average, Rendon may be a more than adequate replacement at third base. Recently, both fans and the media have questioned Zimmerman’s ability to play third base in the future and have speculated that Zimmerman could be moved to first base eventually to make room for Rendon at third. General Manager Mike Rizzo will now be able to evaluate Rendon’s abilities in his likely two-week stint with the club in order to help him make a decision about the future of the hot corner for the Nationals.

Zimmerman, who turns 29 at the end of this season, has seen his production in the field fall steadily from his gold-glove season in 2009. In the 15 games Zimmerman played prior to being placed on the disabled list, he made a total four errors. While that is not a high number, a gold-glove caliber third basemen would likely not be making that many errors in the field. Zimmerman has had two different injuries in the last two seasons including a hamstring injury that landed him on the disabled list Saturday against the Mets and a shoulder injury last year that resulted in off-season surgery. First base would not be as straining as a position physically for Zimmerman whose body appears to be breaking down.

The call-up of Rendon is reminiscent to when phenom Bryce Harper was called up last season in late April. Zimmerman went down with an injury and Harper was brought up for his major league debut. While Rendon is not quite the prospect Harper was, Zimmerman’s injury gives the Nationals’ the opportunity to see what the future holds for them.

Mac Cassells

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  1. whoever wrote this needs to have their head examined.

  2. I think the thoughts are "right-on" Most folks agree that Zim would be at first right now if Adam hadn't been resigned. Zimmerman is the face of the might be better if his face was other than at third base right now.

  3. I can't believe it. Somebody besides me is actually watching the games objectively. I would miss him at third because it's been good comedy to watch and then hear the buffoons in the booth make excuse after lame excuse. The opposing team announcers aren't so kind. I like to switch to the opponent's broadcast team to hear an objective view. Every ball hit his way is an adventure. It's entertaining. I could go on and on about how awful he's been for the last three years but I'll be nice.

  4. No comments ? Really ? FP ? Carp ? LOL. I'm not certain yet which one is worse. Nonetheless, they're BOTH repulsive. I wouldn't hate Zimmerman (Ryan ; not Jordan who is GREAT !!) so much if he'd just fess up and admit he sucks but he won't do it. A complete moron. Get the hell off of 3B and stop hurting this team OK? Do you understand that ? Duh ?

    1. You have to admit he's funny at least don't you ? Remember when he ran across the infield completely oblivious to what was going on to catch a pop-up on the first base side of the pitcher! Mike Morse was camped under it waiting. Out of nowhere, here comes Zimm, not looking at anything going on and smashes hard into Livo the pitcher. I thought Livo was gonna bust his mouth open. Zimm pats Livo on the butt. OMG!! Carp and FP praise his hustle. LOL. Hustle ? Really ? He should not even have been in that picture. I pulled it up on MLB.TV the next day to show a moderate baseball fan at work. He got his gut-laugh for the day. Soooooooooooooo funny.

    2. I remember that as well. I think I was at that game. That was definitely one of the low moments of the franchise.

  5. At this point it looks Rendon has been benched in favor of Lombo. Zimmerman's fielding ability has come into question lately.