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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vince Young is a better statistical QB than the Cowboys' Tony Romo.

Anyone who has been following the NFL for the last month has undoubtedly seen the potential resurfacing of Vince Young and his attempt to once again become an NFL quarterback. 

To be totally honest I don't see why he hasn't garnered more interest.   When you look at his winning percentage and the quality starts he had it can leave you scratching your head. 

He has won more games than 20 current starting quarterbacks, has beaten  many quality teams,  has a better touchdown to interception ratio than Tony Romo and never in career lost more than 2 games in a row.

Additionally add in the fact the off the field he has never been linked to drugs, domestic violence or any other criminal offense leaves one to wonder what is wrong with this picture. 

Granted Vince did have some maturity problems that he himself acknowledged but based upon today's players I think this is a hurdle that can be surmounted. 

I'm not saying that Vince Young is hall of fame material or a perennial all-pro but he has more skill and talent than a lot of current starters and backups who are currently "stealing"  from their respective teams.   Michael Vick killed dogs and Ray Lewis misled a police investigation.   I think being immature should be forgivable. 

Reggie Starks


  1. TRUE COWBOY FAN reggie c'mon now really ? vince he acts too young couldn't carry Mr Romos golf bag Im starting to think your are a slacker please dont make me boycott you lmao you have to come up with something a little better then this GO COWBOYS ! !

  2. stats, smats! Who has got a paycheck and who is without a team at the moment??

  3. show the stats, wins, etc

  4. Blithering idiocy... almost funny

  5. barksalot & has no bite yeah maybe I was wrong maybe he could carry Romos golf bag & be his caddy bet Mr Jones hires him at minimum wage so let the stats show Romo great QB & golfer vince acts too young good caddy TRUE COWBOY FAN for life GO COWBOYS ! !

  6. I just looked over both their stats more closely.. and Romo is hoands down way better with the exception of one thing.. is rushing attempts. he doesn't have as many as Vince. Vince is a threat if he can get through the line. but that's really it. You have to have a team with a lot of rcving threats to get the D to play fair and open up underneath for some nifty QB designed runs.. and this lends to fumble issues.. which Vince has an average of 2:1 fumbles over Tony. Tony has some great stats, if he had a decent line, which could run block in space, his numbers would be even greater. He doesn't need Barry Sanders behind him.. He needs Anthony Munoz, Larry Allen, John Hannah, Bruce Matthews... etc... People give a lot of credit to the QB or to RB/RCVR combinations but it's all up front.. the workhorse of the line is what sets the foundation.. the rock to build upon.. and when it's mobile enough to take it to the enemy and make them go where they don't want to go, that's what opens up everything else.. now to be fair. I think Vince would do well with such a line as well. His passing yardage might not have the same stats as Romo's but he'll win games.. with his feet, it'll force teams to creep their safety and he can go over top. Vince would be an interesting backup in Atlanta. But he's no Romo.

  7. Romo, Romo, where for art thou Romo. At the bank you dope! While good at garnering a big stat line, he's not worth a flip at winning in the post season.

    Romo what do you have on JJ?

  8. Its a conspiracy.

  9. Word - mental stability.

    Just like Bill Parcell's told Romo you can't be a clown and lead men, Jeff Fisher tried to make the point to Vince Young he couldn't act mentally unstable and lead men.

    Romo listened.
    Vince didn't.

    Love the guy. He has all the physical tools in the world, all the football acumen you need to succeed.

    He thrived under pressure on the field.
    He collapsed from the pressure off the field.
    Romo is the opposite.

    Love to see both of them get it together.

  10. When somebody needs attention, they twist a story by including Romo. Must be slow day.

  11. Young is probably a better backup than McGee for the Cowboys.

  12. Thank you all for the comments. I'm not a fan of either one of them but I love the cowboys so Romo will have to do for NOW.

    Reggie Starks

  13. TRUE COWBOY FAN Romo will have to do for now ? reggie slacker you can not say you love the cowboys with out Romo in fact you can not say you love the cowboys with out Mr Jones hello they are the cowboys GO COWBOYS ! !

  14. "has a better touchdown to interception ratio than Tony Romo"?? In what universe?

    Career numbers...

    Young 46 TDs, 51 int's, Romo 177 TDs, 91 int's

    FYI - More Int's than TD's is not a good thing.


    Percent of passes that are TDs: Young 3.5%, Romo 5.5%

    Percent of passes intercepted: Young 3.9, Romo 2.8%

    Passing yards: Young 8,964 - Romo 25,737

    NFL History Career Passer Rating

    #5 Tony Romo 95.6

    #114 Vince Young 74.4

    ... but let's not let those pesky facts get in the way of a good headline!

    1. I missed a stat above...

      Young played behind a MUCH better line, sacked 83 times compared to Romo running for his life and sacked 178 times.

  15. You state that Vince Young "never in career lost more than 2 games in a row."

    His first start was OCT 2006. I quit looking for 3 losses in a row after finding

    November 11 Jacksonville Jaguars L 28–13
    November 19 at Denver Broncos L 34–20
    November 25 at Cincinnati Bengals L 35–6

    in 2007 - Three in a row.

  16. As far as Young "never being linked to any criminal offense"...

    He was in court today in Dallas involving a misdemeanor assault from when he got into a fight in a Dallas strip club in June 2010 at about 4:00 A.M. Turned ugly after the strip club wouldn't give him $8,000, in one dollar bills, and charge it to his credit card, so he could "make it rain".

    It isn't obstruction of justice or murder, but you might as well be accurate, if you're going to claim it.

    That was about 5 months before the loss to the Redskins where Young had a drama queen tantrum and threw his shoulder pads into the crowd as he left the field, had an altercation with Coach Fisher in the locker room, and stormed out.

  17. Reggie Starks does anyone proofread your stuff or do you have free reign to print what you want, and damn the torpedoes of truth?

  18. He loves the Cowboys so he wouldnt fill this article with inacuraces or flat out lies.What a joke

  19. No way Young has better stats than Romo--TR has the lowest golf handicap of any NFL player and can out-drive, out-putt, and out iron VY any day of the week. TR could even take VY in a round of Goofy Golf! Please do better research before making such ridiculous claims....

  20. Its very obvious that for some odd reason you all think Vince is the bottom of the barrel. everyone knows that he was black balled.. If given the chance he is better than any of them. Especially Romo. Romo sucks and doesnt deserve to wear a Cowboy Jersey.. And you all know that