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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Similarities Between the Raiders Matt Flynn and Jeremy Lin

So in case you were living under a rock, Matt Flynn is winning.  Again.  From seventh-round pick to backing up arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Flynn beat the odds early on in his career.  He kept beating those odds.  After starting just TWO games in his career (including a 480 yard, six touchdown explosion), Flynn was signed to three-year deal with  the Seattle Seahawks for $19.5 million with $10 million guaranteed.  Then Russell Wilson came along and Matt became the richest clipboard holder we’ve seen in sometime.  Like I said, he’s winning.  That leads us to today – Flynn was traded to the Raiders for two draft picks to be the starting QB over Carson Palmer.  Knowing Flynn’s luck, Terrelle Pryor will be super awesome and he’ll go back to being the prolific clipboard holder that he truly is.  Can you guess who else had this luck?

Mr. Harvard himself, Jeremy Lin is the NBA equivalent of Matt Flynn.  Why, you ask?  Lin, like Flynn was unheralded out of college as he went on to go undrafted.  He also took advantage of the opportunities given to him.  After trials in the D-League and getting waived from the Warriors and the Rockets, Lin found an opportunity with the Knicks.  Let’s just say he took advantage by way of playing less than 30 games and converting that into a four-year $28.8 million dollar deal.  Almost a million dollars per game played.  The only difference is that Lin is a contributing member of his current team, but Matt Flynn has the opportunity to continue the trend if the Raiders pan out.

Maybe I took a shot with this comparison or maybe I’m a genius, but there are no two more comparable, “make the most of what you were given” guys in the history of sports.  Snake it ’til you make it, that’s what a wise guy once said.

Dub Jeezy

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