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Friday, April 12, 2013

The New York Jets don't have a legitimate NFL QB on their roster. The bad news is that there isn't one in the draft, so where do they go?

The New York Jets have needs on both sides of the ball, so where will they go in the first round of the draft.  Their real need is at QB but Geno Smith would be a down grade from anyone they have on the roster.

They have to add talent on the offense and defense is they want a chance to win next season.

At this point most teams have made their big moves in free agency.  The players remaining are either veterans at the end of their career or role players.  Teams are working draft prospects in pro days and nailing down their draft boards.

Some teams filled their needs in free agency and can add quality in the draft.  Other teams have more needs than they can possibly fill in the draft. 

Here's a look at each teams needs headed into the draft:

Chiefs - LT, DE, C, ILB, DE

Jaguars - QB, RB, WR, RT, DT, OLB, CB

Oakland - CB, TE, WR, G, FS, DT, DE

Eagles - CB, SS, FS, G

Lions - CB, LT, G, C, OLB, DE, SS, FS

Browns - G, WR

Cardinals - G, DE, WR

Bills - OLB, ILB, WR

Jets - RG, RT, ILB, FS, SS

Titans - FS, DE, ILB, OLB, DT

Chargers - CB, ILB, OLB, DT, RB

Dolphins - LT, CB, RB

Bucs - CB, FS, DE, TE, DT, WR

Panthers - RT, DT, DB

Saints - OLB, LT, DT

Rams - WR, RB, CB, G

Steelers - NT, WR, OLB, RB, CB, LT

Cowboys - DT, G, C, RB

Giants - DE, WR, RB

Bears - OT, DT, ILB, TE

Reds - OLB, SS, RB

Vikings - ILB, CB, WR

Colts - RB

Packers - WR, RB, SS

Texans - OLB, ILB, FS, WR

Broncos - ILB, DE

Patriots - WR, CB

Falcons - CB, DE, TE

49ers - DE, OLB, DT, OLB, TE

Ravens - ILB, LT, RT, WR

Redskins - FS, SS

Seahawks - OLB, DE, RB


Scott King

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