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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Detroit Lions missed the playoffs last year, how do they recover in 2013? Predicting the Lions record.

The Detroit Lions were the laughing stock of the NFL for a decade.  Two years ago things finally came together and they made the playoffs, only to get pounded by the Saints in the first round.  

Last year was a huge step backward.  They battled injuries on both sides of the ball and the team was never able to pull things together and have a winning season.

This offseason they've moved on from a lot of players from both sides of the ball.  They've lost starters on offensive line, running back, defensive line, linebacker and corner.  Not to mention the retirement of their best player, Jason Hanson.  

So far the Lions have not done much this offseason to build back a winning team.  They must make some big moves in the draft if they want to put together a solid season.

Assuming they fill their needs in the draft, here's my first pass at their schedule.  This prediction will change after the draft and as camp starts but, here we go:

Minnesota - The Vikings don't have much outside of Peterson.  Lions win.

@ Arizona - The Cardinals finally have a QB and the Lions are bad on the road but, they have to win this game.  Lions win.

@ Washington - I'm going to assume RG3 is not playing in this game.  Lions win.

Chicago - I want to take the Lions, but I have to be realistic.  Bears win.

@ Green Bay - I'd put this in the no chance category.  Packers win.

@ Cleveland - They better win this one.  Lions win.

Cincinnati - This should be a good game.  Since it's in Detroit I'll go with the home team.  Lions win.

Dallas - This is going to be an interesting game.  Are the Cowboys set for a real run at the playoffs?  They have to in on the road if they want to be taken seriously.  I'll go Lions, but I wouldn't be shocked.

Bye week - Heading into the bye I have the Lions at 6-2 but, it could easily be worse

@ Chicago - The Bears should be solid on both sides of the ball.  Bears win.

@ Pittsburgh - The Steelers have a holes to fill but they're at home.  Steelers win.

Tampa Bay - The Bucs have some young talent and are headed in the right direction.  Lions win.

Green Bay - Packers are just too tough for the Lions.  Pack win.

@ Philadelphia - The Eagles are still rebuilding under Chip Kelly, but the Lions are bad on the road.  Eagles win.

Baltimore (MNF) - The Super Bowl champs on Monday Night at home.  With all the holes on both sides of the ball this is a very different Ravens teams.  Lions win.

NY Giants - The Giants play tough late in the season.  Giants win.

@ Minnesota - The Vikings will probably be trying to get into the playoffs and win this one at home.  Vikings win.

When I first looked at the schedule I did not feel good about the Lions chances.  Now that I've had some time to review it and look at their match-ups and the conditions of the teams they are playing, I'm optimistic.

My prediction puts the Lions at 8-8.  There are several swing games in here that could push them up to 11 wins, or down to 6.  They have to add solid talent in the draft and look for players being cut once camps start.

Scott King


  1. 10-11 loses. bank on it

  2. no way - I have them at 7-1 (beating chicago) going into the break. Second half will be tougher schedule wise - but they will be 10-6. With luck they could be 12-4.

  3. 8-8 AT BEST. More likely 7-9. They clearly aren't the 10-6 team that lucked into the playoffs but aren't the 4-12 team of last year either. They are somewhere in the middle, hence 7-9.

  4. The Lions 17-0 are you nuts? The best is maybe 12-4, and making it to the NFC finals.

  5. they will suck just like the last 40 years get a coach with some b-lls or by by playoffs wont win 7 games 6-10

  6. anywhere from 6-10 to 8-8

    I don't rely on them beating the Vikes, and that's not just cause i'm a huge fan