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Friday, April 5, 2013

QB roulette hopefully spells winner for the Raiders.

I never liked the term "quarterback carousel". Every year between the last play of the Super Bowl and the NFL draft an expensive game of musical chairs takes place but this is no children's playtime. Playing in the national football league is a serious game and the last time I checked no one over the age of 12 ever rode a carousel. Playing roulette on the other hand is the epitome of an exciting high risk- high reward adult pastime. The odds are stacked against you but you can increase your chances with more investment and with some luck you can come out ahead.  You could even hit the jackpot. 

 With the acquisition of Matt Flynn the Raiders joined this wheel of fortune already started several months ago. 
 Sacked was Ryan Fitzpatrick in Buffalo as well as Kevin Kolb in Arizona. Buffalo signs Kolb but who knows if its as a starter or backup. Oakland arranges a trade for Seattle backup Matt Flynn and subsequently then trades Carson Palmer to the Cardinals. 

Ok, everyone good? 

The "wildcards" (in keeping with the theme) here are Geno Smith, the West Virginia QB and projected first quarterback taken in the upcoming draft, and Oakland backup Terrell Pryor. Both players could actually win starting jobs next year and if so then they would undoubtedly make their teams stronger with this acquired competition, that is if Buffalo follows suit by getting Smith with the 7th overall pick.
It's never a good sign when you're playing roulette all the time.  Most likely it's out of desperation to make up for bad choices playing keno or bad luck at the blackjack table. Teams unlucky enough to be watching that ball go round and round every few years hoping their quarterback will pan out usually don't have a high rate of success. 
For the Raiders I think with Flynn this time they've increased their chances of coming out with some money at the end of the night. Watching Aaron Rodgers for four years he's learned what winning looks like. In an interview with bay area radio he recently described how "8-9 hrs a day for 4 yrs 
I watched Aaron and his footwork and broke down defenses with him". Considering the Green Bay QB is the best in the land, it gives hope for the future for Oakland. 
Now for the good of all Raider Nation lets hope they take their winnings home. We don't need to see the silver and black limo leaving the Pink Pony with empty pockets... Again.

 A tale told by an idiot with sound and duty signifying nothing 

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