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Monday, April 22, 2013

Leaving The Island: Why Trading Darrelle Revis Was The Right Decision For The New York Jets

I know that Jets fans are feeling blue that they have traded away their best player but trading Revis was the right move for the future of the New York Jets. Darrelle Revis is a great talent but he was holding the New York Jets franchise hostage with his poor attitude and outlandish contract demands. The Jets were not going anywhere this year with Darrelle Revis so it makes sense to start building for the future. Having both the 9th and 13th pick this year will allow the Jets to rebuild their aging defense in a defense heavy draft.

For far too long the New York Jets have been known more for the drama off the field than for their play on the field. Getting rid of Revis will allow the Jets to begin a culture change in the locker room. With a new batch of young players joining the organization the Jets need to make sure that they begin anew. We all know that Darrelle Revis was not the only problem in the locker room but he was the most high profile player on the team. The Jets brass needs to continue to clean house by getting rid of problem players. The next move should be to end the Tebow experiment which failed so miserably last year. Although Tebow is not a bad influence in the locker room his presence alone brings too many headaches for the organization.

The 2013 season will likely be the last for the Rex Ryan/Marc Sanchez duo that had guided the Jets to the gutter since their remarkable back-to-back AFC Championship game run. The Jets brass has not brought in any high profile offensive players to help Marc Sanchez improve his game. It is unlikely that former Oakland Raiders backup running back Mike Goodson will help Sanchez and the Jets offense score more points next season. It will be almost impossible for Rex Ryan to guide the Jets to a respectable record next year and they will likely be battling the Buffalo Bills in the battle for last place in the AFC East. When next season is over the Jets will likely be looking for a replacement for the rambunctious Ryan.

Today marks the new era for New York Jets football and every Jets fan should embrace it whole heartedly. Drop off the number 24 jersey at the goodwill and try to forget about the six year stay on Revis Island. With 3 of the top 40 picks in the upcoming draft be prepared to meet your new favorite players by the end of the week. Hopefully this years draft class for the Jets will bring in positive attitudes that will make fans forget about the drama filled times of Revis Island.

By Jorge Contreras

You can follow Jorge on Twitter @jraycontreras

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