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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lakers vs. Spurs Game 2 breakdown

The San Antonio Spurs took a 2 game lead on the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night. Parker had a strong night, Duncan and Leonard had 16 a piece. Steve Blake and Dwight Howard led the Lakers with 16 points each.

How the Spurs won:

Tony Parker played a great game in which Steve Blake was all over him. Parker finished the game with 28 points, 7 assist and 4 rebounds, but it wasn’t until the third quarter that parker began to heat up, where he dropped 15 points. He finished with zero turnovers, and ultimately he was too much for the Lakers.
After a bad shooting performance in game 1, the Spurs responded nicely by shooting 51% from the field. Bonner was 2-2 from three, and Ginobili chipped in 13 points on 19 minutes off the bench. It was a sound game for the spurs and their shooters.

How the Lakers lost:

It’s hard to beat a good team when you commit 13 turnovers. The Lakers shot 45% from the field and 36% from three, at times it seemed like they were gaining momentum making 3’s getting out on the fast break, but just as quickly they committed a turnover.

If Dwight Howard is going to lead this team, he is going to have to control himself. Howard was plagued with foul trouble picking up his fourth in the 3rd quarter and was really aggressive while trying to establish his position.

The Lakers will need to slow down the pace in game 3, feed Howard the ball and let the offense flow through him.

Game 3:

How the spurs can win:

Game 3 should be another fun one, as the Lakers will return to staples center. Look for the Spurs to continue more of the same, Tony Parker will once again have to have a big game. However, if Danny Green can get going he might be the key to taking a 3-0 lead. A lot of ball movement and pick and rolls should be in the majority for the spurs.

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