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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is The Patriots Reign Over? Highly Unlikely!

There has definitely been talk about the New England Patriots reign being over.  I’d say that is a bit dramatic.  Regardless of the never ending hate the Patriots, which seems to get held over their heads constantly, the very successful and talented team is far from over.  With the loss of Wes Welker, that everyone has been harping about ever since it happened, I’m starting to think people forget that there is an entire team involved and not one single player.  

The loss of Welker may seem as a huge factor.  But they've replaced him with someone possibly even better in Danny Amendola.  He seems to be a positive asset to the team and in no way a hindrance to their anticipated success.  While obtaining Amendola, we also gained Adrian Wilson, Donald Jones, Leon Washington, and Michael Jenkins.  Resigning Sebastian Vollmer, Aqib Talib, Kyle Arrington and many others as well.  The Draft is an opportunity to add for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots success.
While teams change, many things are gained and lost.  Tom Brady and his team have more than enough talent to continue in this journey to the top again and again.

To say the New England Patriots reign is over is a complete joke.  Yes, this may be a challenging season to say the least but, shouldn’t every season bring some sort of healthy competition to keep you on your toes.  Some changes that have been made are shocking.  Tom Brady has already been working out with the new talent that have been bestowed upon him in Amendola.  Tom Brady and Danny Amendola finding their blend of styles could be a lethal combination if they can find a workable routine as a unit.

Clearly the only possible way a team can fail and not accomplish the high goals they set for themselves, is if they don’t work together and not understanding one another and how they function. If the team starts early, I forsee no problems in the future. The Patriots have been a well oiled machine for quite some time, even with ups and downs and we just need the parts we have to run smoothly as a whole.  That’s the only way we can fall apart.

If Tom Brady can go from being a round 6 #199th pick in the 2000 NFL, which is crazy as we see him now, anything is possible.

Erica Schroeder


  1. The Patriots will do a lot better than expected. I was glad Welker left since he no longer was clutch, meaning his recent habit of dropping key passes in key situations. Welker will do well with the Broncos but he will watch the Pats go to the playoffs while the Broncos miss the playoffs.

  2. every season is different and also every game now that this season will have more competition that´s good for the team.also there is a important issue the injuries is part of success in a team development for sure we need the lack of that and for the pass 2 seasons our team has to suffer from different players injuries which make hard for others to compete but our team are full of great players and one of the best coaches in the lets go pats keep the effort and the good faith we the fan always be with you guys no matter what for ages new england patriots will remember as a good franchise who develops hard and decent players who soon will be in the hall of fame and those championships will remember for ever....

  3. If they do bad. That would surprise me as much as the Jaguars almost creaming the Patriots

  4. I think a little healthy competition is good. I sometimes think they need the competition to succeed in a good playoff run. It will make them a bit more prepared for the challenge of what's about to happen come play off time.

    Erica Schroeder - Article Creator