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Monday, April 1, 2013

Is Kevin Kolb Really the Answer for the Bills?

In an earlier article of mine I stated that I expected the Buffalo Bills to keep their $62 million investment, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Obviously, I was wrong. Yet, in light of the inconsistent play the Bills received from the Harvard guy, I would have never imagined that Bills management would put them in the same position once again. Lo and behold they threw out another puzzling contract to a just as unpredictable quarterback, Kevin Kolb. 

It’s one thing to give a guy a contract that can stay on the field (Fitzpatrick played in 32 games the past two seasons.) It’s an entirely different situation to give a contract to a guy who played half as many games in the same amount of time. Kolb’s contract is set to max out at $13 million for two seasons and while quarterbacks are seeing big paydays throughout the league it’s difficult for me to understand paying Kevin Kolb this much. Kolb’s average yearly salary of $6.5 million puts him around the 22nd highest paid quarterback in the NFL. While this may not seem so ridiculous, consider a few of the quarterbacks who will be getting paid less than Kolb: Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Brandon Weeden, and Christian Ponder. Of those quarterbacks listed, every single one led their team to a record equal or better than the Cardinals 5-11, and 2 of them led their teams to the playoffs (Ponder and Dalton.) Regardless of the relative unknown potential of the quarterbacks in the upcoming draft, I hardly think paying $6.5 million to an injury prone enigma is the safer bet. 

By BDrez


  1. Of the QB's available in the draft and free agency none are proven commodities. Fitz is a bust. Kolb with a better line in front of him may survive and play well and he can throw the ball more than 20 yards. T Jackson won't be around unless the Bills don't get a qb in the draft. They don't have extra picks to trade up and I expect they will take the bpa, perhaps guard or receiver. One other point about Fitz. For all the claimed durability Fitz did play with broken ribs for an extended period during that 32 game stretch and was ineffective.

  2. I think Kolb will do excellent if he can get some decent protection in the pocket and has somewhere to throw the ball. You say he is paid too much due to the Cardinals record. After he learned the Cards offense he had a 4-1 record without pass protection. The second loss was when he had his ribs ripped out of his spine and didn't finish the game. The point is that if he is given a decent chance he will be an excellent quarterback. I see the Bills renogotiating for big money next year. I predict the Bills will do much better than any analyst thinks just like he did with the Cards, just make sure he has some protection and the sky is the limit.

  3. I find it funny people associate Kolb with flopping in Arizona when NO QB did well in Arizona under those same conditions. When Kolb was replaced, it was the worst football known to man.

    BTW, HOF candidate- Warner's great season when they went to the SB, the Cards were one game over .500. And Warner had three great receivers at the time.

    Kolb will excel in Buffalo in the system that fits his skill set. Buffalo fans should and will rejoice they have him. But week 4, it will be the Bills with the last laugh.