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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is former Jets QB Tim Tebow really that awful?

With the recent release of QB Tim Tebow by the NY Jets, it got me wondering just how bad he really was. After taking several things into account I have decided that despite what his detractors say he was not all that bad. If you just look at the usual passing stats themselves, you will see very pedestrian numbers. He completed 173 of 361 for a 47.9 completion percentage, which is not that impressive to be sure. His 17-9 TD to INT ratio is average, as is his 75.3 QB rating. If you look beyond those stats.

However, you will see a QB with a winning record of 8-6 as a starter with 6 4th quarter comebacks and 7 game winning drives to his credit. Those last two numbers are what swayed my opinion of Mr. Tebow, as did the fact that he came in and took over a struggling Denver team in 2011 and led them on an improbable march to the playoffs. In those playoffs he defeated Pittsburgh in OT, but then bowed out to the New England Patriots, which is nothing to be ashamed of at all. So, to see Tebow's true value you have to look beyond the ordinary stats where you will find a QB with a knack for coming through in the clutch and leading his team to victory.

Thank You,

Kevin Clarke


  1. Kevin Clarke is, I believe, correct in his analysis. I've been a student of the game for over 60 years and I know that Tebow brings to the table the intangibles of field generalship you just can't teach. It's his ability to inspire his teammates to another level of play that can turn a mediocre team into a winner. He is often criticized for his passing, but the coaches have not questioned his ability to throw the long ball...It has been in the short to intermediate range in which there are often tight windows where he has encountered accuracy problems in the past. But, according to the coaches he's been working with in Arizona most of the off season, they have corrected his mechanical and footwork issues and he has greatly improved his accuracy. In fact, former all-pro QB Steve Young took a look at him a few weeks ago and remarked, "Wow! He's really got it". My guess is that, if he really got an opportunity to play, he would completely surprise a lot of people...indeed, that's what his QB coaches are saying. If you add that kind of improvement of his passing to his already existing skill set, you could have a pretty dynamic force to reckon with. I just hope an NFL team will at least give him a tryout to see for themselves whether these things are true. They could very well end up with a QB that could take them to the next level. Are you listening Jacksonville, Oakland, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Cleveland, Minnesota?

  2. Great article as a jet he was 6 outa 8 threw for 316 against Pittsburg in a playoff. In his second year led a team in the west to the playoffs something a lot of Qbs in the nfl hasn't done and yet idiots think he can't play Qb.

  3. Tim Tebow is all about WINNING; last time I looked every NFL team was about the "W" - "if your not here to help us WIN we don't want you." As for skill set mechanics alone do not WIN you ball games (perfect example QB Jeff George) - WILL/DESIRE/HARD WORK/SELF-BELIEF in your athletic ability and flat out DETERMINATION Wins you more than ball games it WINS you FAN$ which makes you Money and ultimately ball games. Tim Tebow is a WINNER! He's proven it at EVERY level of the game - in college the Manning family's award (yes! Archie, Payton & Eli for top college Quarterback) where he was nominated not once BUT twice for it and he WON IT! once. Tebow was nominated for the Heisman Trophy NOT once, NOT twice BUT THREE times (out of 4 years in college) and WON IT! once. Tebow was 1 game shy of playing for his THIRD NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (out of 4 years of college) and WON IT! twice. And let's not leave out CHARACTER. Who was the last athlete in professional sports to be a role model for not just young impressionable kids but for the adult fan? Can't think of one...neither can I. TEBOW brings CHARACTER to the table with him. So NFL team owners take Note: if you truly are about "WINNING" at all costs and you want a player with TALENT & CHARACTER don't waste another minute reading this post get on the phone and GET TEBOW; surround him with equally talented players and create a system towards his strengths and you Mr. NFL team owner will have achieved the ultimate goal of an NFL owner WINNING a $UPER BOWL...and lots of "cha-ching!"

  4. All very good points. As a Steeler fan, Tebow broke my heart in 2011 with his 1 play OT victory, that being said, I have been amazed over the past few years how much hatred and vitriol has been directed at Tebow. I just don't get it. I suppose the fact that he is a practicing Christian just rubs some people wrong.

    I think all Tebow really needs is to be someplace where he is actually wanted. That wasn't the case in Denver and it certainly wasn't the case in New York.

    I've read in recent weeks how much his throwing mechanics have improved, I for one would love to see if that is true. Really, what does a team have to lose by giving him a try-out? You can't coach speed, desire and willpower. A player either has it or they don't. Pretty much anything else can be coached/taught.