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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Expanding the Niner Empire: 49ers 2013 Mock Draft Round 1

   With all the rumors we have heard thus far it has left many To question: What will the 49ers do with 13 draft picks? Will the 49ers trade up? If so, for whom? Should they trade for future picks? It is the leverage the NFC Champions hold on the NFL. With their destiny in their hands, wise choices must be made, strategies must be implemented and executed. Who better then Baalke and Harbaugh, arguably the best GM and Head Coach in Football, to lead draft board. If one thing is for sure it is that Baalke and Harbaugh have not tipped their hand one bit. Knowing the history of these two don't expect much information beforehand and expect the unexpected come draft day. Baalke has a keen eye for talent and Harbaugh and his staff know what kind of players they need to fit their system. Like we seen before with Aldon Smith, AJ Jenkins, LaMichael James, Colin Kaepernick, expect the Niners to get the players they want and need, not who they are projected to get by the media. Baalke and Harbaugh are sure to have their poker faces on for Thursdays draft, and with 13 picks and an already talented roster to lean back on, let the strategic warfare begin.

Round 1: Pick 30
This is a pick the 49ers could easily keep and get the talent they need. Or Baalke could swindle a deal and get a player they want such as FS Kenny Vaccaro (Texas), Defensive Tackle Star Lotulelei (Utah), Cornerback Dee Milliner (Alabama), or Defensive Tackle Sheldon Richardson (Missouri). I wouldn't rule it out, but with a deep draft and 13 picks the Niners are more likely to stay put and trade for future picks. If they do make a move it will be for a defensive tackle like Lotulelei (Utah), Star is versatile up front and showed improvements in his play, stats, and maturity his senior season. Another strong possibility is Sheldon Richardson (Missouri), whom possesses the size and strength to play inside, and the athleticism to play defensive end. They could make a move for CB Milliner(Alabama) whose "stock" has recently dropped, and if he falls anywhere near the mid-first round it could happen. Safety Kenny Vaccaro, who is a known ball hawk, with great speed and football instincts, will likely require the 49ers to trade up. Scouts are claiming this guy is the real deal and will fill a need right away, something the 49ers would like to cash in on.

I am going to assume they stay at pick 30.

Prediction: The player I would like them to get is CB Desmond Trufant
(Washington). With his size, speed, athletic ability, and ball skills he is ready to start right away. Trufant was a four year starter at Washington, he could add needed depth, and would be bread as the future number one corner to replace the likes of Carlos Rogers one day. Only problem is Trufant's "stock" has skyrocketed and he may be out of the 49ers reach unless they trade up. Other possibilities include FS Eric Reid (LSU), CB DJ Hayden (Houston), FS/SS Jonathan Cyprien (Florida International), FS Matt Elam (Florida), DT Kawan Short (Purdue), DE Datone Jones (UCLA).

Rob Lara
@ roblara05

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