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Friday, April 26, 2013

Denver Broncos - 1st Round Draft Analysis

​Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you try your best to make lemonade. Other times, life gives you exactly what you're looking for exactly when you want. Such is the case of the Denver Broncos NFL draft in 2013. With the 28th pick, the Broncos selected Sylvester Williams, DT from North Carolina.

​Defensive Tackle was the number one need for the Broncos, but few, including myself, figured that the best talent at DT would fall that far. At 28, Williams is a bargain. Need wise, he is a steal. Williams is can play either DT or NT, and can be the type of run-stopping brute that Denver needs. The Broncos were 3rd in the league for rush yds allowed in 2012 and the addition of Williams should keep up the trend. D-Line will certainly be a strength for Denver in 2013.


Tony Chavez

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