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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dallas gave Tony Romo a huge contract, now he has to perform. Cowboys schedule preview.

Tony Romo and the Cowboys missed the playoffs last season by losing the last game of the season.  This offseason, part time General Manager Jerry Jones signed Romo to a huge long term extension.  I think this decision was good for the teams cap situation and the best decision they could make at QB.  Where else are they going to go?  There are a lot of bad QB play in the NFL and there isn't anyone coming out in the draft this season.  Romo takes a lot of heat but he's a solid top tier QB in the league right now.  

The Cowboys have to make the playoffs this season and make a run or Garrett is on his way out.  

Here's a first look at their schedule.

Week 1 Giants - This is a great way to start the season, in division and against their hated rival.  We'll see how both these teams are going to stack up this season.  Cowboys win at home.

Week 2 @ Chiefs - The Chiefs have a new coach, QB and attitude this season.  I like the direction KC is headed but I don't think they're ready to take down the Cowboys.  This won't be easy but Cowboys win.

Week 3 Rams - The Rams need to decide if Bradford is their QB of the future.  I think if he doesn't perform this season, they need to decide to move on.  Cowboys win.

Week 4 @ Chargers - SD is starting over at coach, but is it too late to make something out of Philip Rivers career.  Cowboys win.  

Week 5 Denver - Peyton Manning comes to town with the Broncos and gives the Cowboys a tough game.  I'll go with the Cowboys but it's a tough call.

Week 6 Redskins - This game is 100% contingent on the health of RG3.  I'm going to assume he's on the field but not completely back at full strength.  Cowboys win.

Week 7 @ Eagles - The Cowboys have a tough three week stretch and have to travel to Phili and face Chip Kelly.  I think the Eagles are still learning the Kelly offense at this point.  Cowboys win.

Week 8 @ Detroit - The Lions have unloaded a lot of players and have not reloaded everywhere yet.  They still have a lot of work to do in the draft.  I'll preface this pick with one comment, I am a Lions fan.  Lions win.

Week 9 Minnesota - I'll make this easy.  The Vikings have one player, AP.  Cowboys win.

Week 10 @ Saints - Last season is a complete write off for the Saints.  Saints win.

Week 11 Bye - Heading into the bye 8-2. I would not have expected to put them at that record but, that's why you have to review the schedules.

Week 12 @ Giants - The Cowboys travel to New York and face Eli at home.  Giants win.

Week 13 Raiders - It's Oakland, they're a mess.  Cowboys win.

Week 14 @ Bears - The Cowboys travel to Chicago and face a Bears offense that is turning into a powerhouse.  This offseason the Bears have addressed their O-Line and I expect them to do even more in the draft.  Bears win.

Week 15 Packers - Rodgers comes to town with a powerful offense.  Have the Pack done enough to upgrade their defense?  Cowboys win.

Week 16 @ Redskins - I'll assume that RG3 is back to full strength.  Redskins win.

Week 17 Eagles - Phili is a few years away with the new Chip Kelly program.  Cowboys win.

After reviewing the schedule, I see the Cowboys at 11-5 and making the playoffs.  They'll face teams like Green Bay, Chicago, San Fran, Atlanta, Seattle, New Orleans or the Giants.  The 49ers and Seahawks are probably the only teams that are complete on both sides of the ball so the Cowboys have a chance to make a little run in the playoffs.  However, they are not good enough to win the Super Bowl yet.


Scott King


  1. TRUE COWBOY FAN First show some respect for Mr Jones part-time GM ? c'mon now . I agree boys go 11-5 and make the playoffs with Coach Garrett VP Stephen Jones & yes Mr Jones this team is headed in the right direction If the team stays healthy & get through most of the season without so many injuries I TRUE COWBOY FAN guarantee this team will be battling for the NFC championship. now all we need are RKF... RIGHT KIND of FANS the all the way in for your team type no slackers GO COWBOYS ! ! TRUE COWBOY FAN For Life

  2. I am a true cowboy fan but have no faith in Romo!!!!!!!! I also think Jerry Jones knows nothing of Football and needs to leave the coaching to the coaches!!!!!! If Romo doesn't flake under pressure offense has ton of weapons!!!!! They need to improve their defense by a mile they suck!!!!!!!

  3. need to upgrade line . romo can win if hes not running for his life every play

  4. TRUE COWBOY FAN See this is what I'm talking about two kind of fans one real true fan that knows the team needs to upgrade O-line so Romo don't need to be running for his life to win & then the slacker fake fan no faith wee wee wee Jerry this Jerry that knows nothing about this team wow a real hater trying to divide the fan base thank god a lot of great fans starting to stand up & not take this rubbish GO COWBOYS ! ! TRUE COWBOY FAN For Life

  5. cowboys have a chance every year. it's just how the domino's fall. they'll knock off a super bowl any year now.

  6. 12-4 Cowboys double dip Denver this year and win Super Bowl number 6.

  7. I agree with yr assessment of the C-boys potential record this season if the OC doesn't stifle Offense like Garrett did last yr.