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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Breaking Down the Celtics and Knicks 1st round Playoff Matchup.

Although, the draft is quickly approaching in the NFL, I would like to take a step back from Patriots talk to peek quickly at the Boston Celtics first round playoff matchup. This year marks a number of anomalies in the Eastern Conference, most of which surround the Knicks and Celtics.

1) The first time in recent memory that the Knicks are a higher seed going into the playoffs.

2) The first time in recent memory that the Knicks have won the season series against the Boston Celtics

3) The first time in recent memory that the Celtics are underdogs going into the first round of the playoffs.

Needless to say, this series is sure to be interesting. The Knicks are coming off an impressive run going 8-2 in April. Couple this with scoring champion and MVP candidate Carmelo Anthony playing at a level only possibly surpassed by Lebron James and it is no wonder that the Knicks are favored. However, I am not ready to close the door on the Celtics just yet. Although they have sustained heavy injuries throughout the season, including their star point guard, Rajon Rondo, the Celtics have continued to demonstrate their ability to play at a high level. Although many players will be important to insuring success for the Celtics, my eyes are set on one person, Jeff Green. Green has shown glimpses of superstar caliber play and freakish displays of athleticism I thought only Lebron was capable of. He will most certainly draw the Carmelo Anthony matchup and assuming he brings his “A” game on both ends of the floor, I expect the veteran playoff leadership of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, along with the “bulldog” duo of Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee to be enough to stifle the Knicks.

Prediction: Celtics in 6. I expect the Celtics to win every game in Boston and steal game 1 in New York.

By BDrez

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