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Friday, April 26, 2013

49ers trade up for LSU Safety Eric Reid.

The 49ers traded down in a deal with Dallas that sent pick 31 of the first round to the Cowboys and the No. 74 overall pick in return for the 18th pick in the first round in which the Niners plucked LSU Safety Eric Reid.

Eric Reid possesses the range needed for deep threats, something the 49ers fell susceptible to late last season. He figures to penciled in as the starter along side Donte Whitner, filling the void left by Dashon Goldston, now with the Bucs.

Reid provides the 49ers with an athletic, versatile safety, able to cover tight ends, play center field, and come up and lay the hat on running backs. With a mixture of size, speed and tackling ability Reid is a solid pick for the 49ers. Reid is an on the field leader with a knack for being around the football, an aggressive style that will mesh well with Donte Whitner and the rest of the defense.

The pick may bring a halt to the possibility of bringing in Charles Woodson, but then again you never know with Baalke and Harbaugh. With 11 picks remaining, including picks 34 and 61 in the 2nd Round, and number 93 in the 3rd. Day two of the NFL draft figures to be another big day for the Niners, as depth is needed at many key positions including: Cornerback, Defensive Line, Tight End, Running Back, Line Backer, and Offensive Line.

Bring on day 2 of the draft!!!

-Rob Lara

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