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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Scary Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin is the type of player that can transform any offense into a dynamic force, and when you add him to a team like the Seattle Seahawks, they become not just a potent offense but a rather scary team overall. 

A playoff club last year, the Seahawks led the league in team and scoring defense, as well as finishing top 10 in pass and rush defense, and in total offense, scoring, passing and rushing. Riding the stellar performance of their wam-bam hit em up defense, led by the best safety tandem in Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas along with the self-proclaimed best corner in the league, Richard Sherman, the Seahawks offense was able to foster rookie quarterback Russell Wilson along until he got his feet under him and garnered the confidence to lead an NFL team. This nurturing environment developed Wilson into a pro bowl caliber player, a quarterback with the capability of leading a multi-faceted attack, effectively balancing their premier rushing game with a passing game. Ultimately the Seahawks were one of the final four NFC teams left, and within one epic Matt Ryan minute drill drive away from the championship game.   

This might only be the tip of the iceberg for the Seattle Seahawks potential. They now not only have one of the best defenses and rushing attacks in football, but a promising franchise quarterback and a coach who, not that he needs any confidence boost, is shaping himself into one of the best in the league. As we see with every great quarterback, it is essential to have a healthy relationship with a coach that cherishes him while he is developing, which is what is occurring in Seattle right now as Pete Carroll took a big chance on Wilson, after signing Matt Flynn to a monster contract, and instilled confidence in him from day one.  

While Wilson improved his passing throughout the year, it was still the weak part of his game, as the Seahawks finished in the bottom quarter of the league in passing. This was partially due to the lack of weapons around him, with Sidney Rice and Golden Tate’s inconsistencies and a rather anemic tight end position. This is where the protean Percy Harvin comes into play. Not an ounce of hyperbole lingers when the word versatile is used to describe Harvin, as he is a dexterous force that can line up in the slot or on the outside as a vertical threat, as well as in the backfield, occasionally taking handoffs and supporting the read option. Despite only playing in 9 games last season, he led the league in yard after catch with 8.7 last season, and two seasons ago, when completely healthy, he led all wide-receivers in touches.

The extra dimensions that Harvin will provide to the Seahawks offensive unpredictability and production not only fully rounds their offence off, but should lend extra support to their defense, which would curdle the blood of any opposing offense. Playing in the same the division as the early favorite to represent the NFC in next years Super Bowl might prove helpful for the Seahawks, by allowing them the opportunity elevate their play and gain confidence throughout the season. This, of course, is purely speculative at this point, but it is hard to deny the Seahawks are starting to look like one of the best, and most fun teams in the league.

Michael Ferlazzo


  1. totally agree with this article, cant wait to see who they will pick for needed pass rushers----go hawks keep up the good work wilsonnnn!


  3. Matt Flynn Came In To Compete, He Was Never The Proclaimed Starting QB. Add Avrill To An Already Bad@$$ Defense And We Got A Super Bowl Contender.

  4. I am a Falcons fan, and I admit I thought we were going to lose for a second. The Seattle Seahawks are a good team, and it takes a better team to beat them. That team was the Falcons. GO DIRTY BIRDS!!!


  6. Us Hawks fan believed we were going to win, hats off to the Falcons, looking forward to the regular season rematch, should be in exciting year for both teams.