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Friday, March 8, 2013

The San Francisco 49ers Know How To Build A Team

The recent media frenzy over coveted cornerback Darrelle Revis being traded to the San Francisco 49ers is more about the public obsession with super-star dream teams, than reality. No matter how poorly these teams that are built of super-stars perform, from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Los Angeles Lakers, our infatuation never ceases and we can’t help but foaming at the mouth over their potential.

The New York Jets would like to move Revis, before the draft, as he is in the final year of his contract and will undoubtedly demand top dollar for his talents next offseason. This ties the hands of the now rebuilding franchise due to a clause in his current contract restricting him from being slapped with the franchise tag. It would be a hard pill to swallow for the Jets if they were not able to receive any compensation for the consensus best cover corner in football. However, the 49ers are on record that they are not interested, and are not in contact with the Jets. Trent Baalke’s, the 49ers General Manager, has a reputation of prioritizing his teams free agents, and focusing on low cost veterans in the market.

There is no question that the San Francisco 49ers need to retool their secondary, as they began to fall apart and become exploited as the season progressed into the playoffs, and with their top corner, Dashon Goldson, expected to seek a lucrative contract elsewhere they need to fill what seems to be a gaping hole widening up. If they were to trade any of their picks away, it would be to address their other team needs, to allow for greater flexibility in the draft. They will be able to use the upcoming draft to address their issues as they have an incredible 15 picks, and this year’s draft is littered with talented defensive backs. Iit would be wise to use their picks to move up and and take a highly touted prospect, or sit back and pick at their will.

Even if the 49ers were interest in Revis, they would not have the Cap room to afford him, as they will have about $15 million in space after March 12th, when the Alex Smith trade and David Akers release go into effect, and need to funnel this money toward their own free agent and draft picks, addressing their issues at the Defensive line and Wide Receiver, both of which became decimated with injuries at the end of last season and could be depleted in free agency.
Upon breaking down the San Francisco 49ers roster it is clear to see that the uproar over Revis is nothing more that manufactured hype out of our own fascination with super teams in sports. With the volatility of the NFL, gambling on assembling a team full of stars with large with celebrity egos has more risk than reward, as precedent has set, and the 49ers are smarter than that.


Michael Ferlazzo

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  1. See Philadelphia Eagles ( Dream Team) RIGHT!!!