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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oakland Raiders - To trade or not to trade.

Two more starters and picks from the '09 draft have vacated for greener (Cha Ching) pastures. The very solid and productive Tight End Brandon Myers(79/806 4 tds in 2012) and pass rusher Matt Shaughnessy, who has been chronically injured but his potential is off the charts. With other starters including long time Raider and perpetually the best punter in the NFL Shane Lechler also ripe for the poaching, maybe it's time to wipe the silver and black slate completely clean. 

Having a top 3 pick this year is as useful as a Vervepipe channel on Pandora (they're a band from the 90's kids). Trading out of the number three overall pick is the right move since there's not a sniff of a home run player this year but finding a trade partner won't be easy. There is no way they can get even value for the pick but SO WHAT, this team needs bodies and competition. Lets face it Reggie is in full on sequester mode using an ax to dismantle this roster rather than a scalpel. They are now essentially an expansion team but they are not alone with the Chiefs, Bills, Browns, Jaguars, and Cardinals all of which (minus the Chiefs since trading for Alex Smith) need help at both QB and RB. The concept of trading it's best offensive asset Darren McFadden and parting ways (and salary) with Carson Palmer could work to their benefit. At this point they are destined to pick at number three in the 2014 draft as well so why not go all the way with brining in a completely new team. With compensation picks due in the 6th and 7th round along with what picks both trading down and what DMC could garner, the Raiders after this draft could be very competitive down the line. Isn't this why Reggie is the leader in the front office, to bring in his players? Lets see if he has the strength to make some radically tough choices.

...a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.




  1. they need continuity. reggie is a good book keeper and he will continue to shore up the sinking ship. last year it was just about keeping their head above water with years of bad contracts adding up, which guys like kelly are still around. im not saying hes bad, but hes not worth the contract hes got. kelly is a good example of the long list. you cant fix a decade of mismanagement over night. this team will continue to improve. you dont need to destroy the core to get back on track.

    1. I agree with you its not gonna happen over nite lets give it a few years then see if its working the years of if u don't win it are gone lets keep a staff for more than 2 years if you were lucky!!!I see a light at the end of the tunnel and its gonna be good foe us in the RAIDER NATION!!!

  2. by just getting rid of the al davis "yes man" types they got better. good luck mark

  3. how many coaches did they have in the last ten years. like ten

    no more scapegoats

  4. Trade the #3 pick, Palmer, and McFadden for what? He didnt even say what his idea was. All he said was trade. It would have been a better article if this guy had some ideas like maybe trading down with Buffalo for their 8th pick and 2nd round pick? Something besides blasting the Raiders and calling them an expansion team without any substance. Not a very good article.

  5. a voice of reason, so true

  6. by the look of what reggie has done in one and a half years, he will hit the suplimental draft and the unsigned players numbers hard and bring lots in for workouts later in the year. more than other teams. and then tair down to the 52 man roster. the moto will be to get the chipy, unproven, overachever types. the kind that buy into team montra roll player idea. not the player with a larger than life persona

  7. Stop!!! at look the whole picture, no cap room,limited draft picks,old big contracts, a whole new mgt from top to bottom. What do we have a franchise QB, Palmer, a top RB, McFadden, I believe a great up and coming coach, Dennis Allen, and Mgr, Mckennzie. We have to be patient, I know we are going in the right direction, run the ball, throw down field and ATTACK ATTACK on Defense !!!! This will happen.

  8. i think reggie has a good eye for talent. philip wheeler is a good axample of the guys that can be found for a good price. its just too bad they couldnt sign for more years. look at the new CBA format and you will see that the players getting bigger bonuses as apouse to the long multy year contract will be the norm. look at guys like tom bradys, guys they need and cant dump, he is a great example of the contract restucture that will be more common. the ravans QB will do the same as well, but guys like dwhight freeny of the colts would never had left for free agentcy under the old format. it's going to be that if you are over 30, even if you have mad skill you may still be on the choping block. this is a young mans game and speed is the premium. reggie knows this. the GM's of the jets and cheifs didnt so they got behind the eightball, thus gettingt the axe

  9. year after year you will find teams that are willing to pay way more money then they should have. jerry jones, snyder, and al davis were all too willing to dish out the cash but never yealded any real progress through the years. all the best sports programs know to develope through youth. this year is know differant and teams like K.C will bring in lots of potental that they most certently fell in love with, but will fall short bankrolling themselves. matt castle and david carr showed good potental but they didnt do much because they were always on there can, always under presure from the D-line. you cant throw a t.d from your ass. the giants beat the pat's because "tuck rule" fumbalrusky brady was getting smacked in the face. why do you think the left tackle is so hard to come by and is covented.