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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Week of Free Agency : New England Patriots

        Some people say the New England Patriots organization has made some radical decisions in Free Agency but as a diehard fan of football and the Pats, I respect the changes that have been made on the roster.

        Even losing Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos which didn’t seem like a wise move at first, replacing him with the younger almost clone of Welker, Danny Amendola is a great addition. While Amendola has been unhealthy most of last season with the St Louis Rams, if he can stay healthy in 2013 he should have no problem putting up the numbers Welker did.  Not only because he is very talented himself, but having the Pats behind him pushing him to their potential, it should be a walk in the park.

        A lot has happened in the first week of free agency.  With the major loss of Welker, the Patriots released Brandon Lloyd, and Danny Woodhead as well.  While we have lost many prominent players in free agency this week, we also gained a lot in return.  The New England Patriots have signed Will Svitek as a Offensive Tackle, Veteran Adrian Wilson(safety) for a 3 year contract, Leon Washington from Seattle as a kickoff returner and Donald Jones (WR).

        This was just a basic summed up update of what the New England Patriots have done this week.
        While there have been meetings and visitations to New England by many players, these are the confirmed players added to the roster.

Erica Schroeder


  1. Im a Patriots Fan we need atleast to more corners E.J. Biggers and brent grimes with the offenes go n with all the WR n our backfield the worst n the league. last year n u cant trust talib he might get hurt n the playoffs again . i like kyle but he is no starter or dennard those to get beat alot againts good teams like giants n ravens and now niners o n dnt forget the broncos we need legit corners bill quit bein cheap u no we need corners with dead last pass d we did all dat last year kyle n dennard get corners n a pass rush if u dnt wanna get corners that will save dem n the pass look at 2004 teams

  2. Add a quality defensesive tackle. I have pleaded for this for four years.Really how more years addresing every thing but this sucky no pass rush? Pass rush starts with the interior line!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They already added a tackle from the CFL. He is a big and fast inside pass rusher, and would have been first rounder had he not missed the draft the year prior due to an injury. The Patriots stole him, and they can still sign/draft more.

    Although, I'm certainly worried about their secondary. Resigning Talib is nice, if healthy, but they need someone opposite him, as well as insurance in case he goes down.