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Saturday, March 16, 2013


The old saying “familiarity breeds contempt” means that when we know someone too well, we tend to lose respect for them.
This old adage does not hold true in the NFC North. Call me old school, but it seems like back in the day there was no way that a star player would go play for a division rival.

Of course, I’m referring to reports that the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to terms with former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings on a five year contract. This comes only a couple of days after stories showed up that the Vikings were courting another sworn enemy of the purple and gold in the face of the Bears franchise Brian Urlacher.
Is it the cold weather that keeps these guys that keeps these four teams in some weird fraternity? Is it the type of smash mouth football that could only be rivaled by the AFC North? Is it just players wanting to stick it to their former teams?
I think most Vikings fans shook their heads when the Vikings signed Ryan Longwell to be their kicker. The guy with same foot who had put a dagger into their collective hearts so many times before. And then the nuclear bomb that was felt in both the twin cities and Green Bay when Brett Favre led the Vikings to NFC Championship one year and imploded them the next.
Does anybody remember that Favre’s 500th career touchdown pass was caught by Randy Moss?
Does anybody remember that former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was the starter for the Vikings in 1993 and led them to the playoffs?
I guess the Vikings have nobody to blame for the situation other than themselves, after all they did let the 1971 NFL MVP Alan Page, and current Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, finish out his career with the Bears.
Cory Cason
Twitter @y2cason


  1. it just proves how little the minn folks know about developing their own talent maybe the team name should be changed from vikings to scavengers ....

  2. lol, vikings were scavengers, what do you call raiding peoples valubles and food LOL