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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dallas Cowboys could have the First Ever 2000 yrds Reciever???

Well Dez has made a splash for the Dallas Cowboys once again, but this time it doesn’t include law enforcement or jewelry stores... 

No this time it is all about football, and as crazy as it sounded that he wanted to be the first 2k receiver in the NFL, it could happen!! I had the personal privilege of seeing this kid play in college and he was a man among children at the college level. I then had the chance to watch him play last year, and he is exciting to watch and even more skilled than what people gave him credit for. He finally got most the play book down that was for him in the second half of last season, and then he put up some Monster numbers on his way to one of the better seasons a receiver has had in a Dallas Cowboy uniform. Bryant had 50 catches for 879 yards and 10 touchdowns in the final eight games, numbers that would be among the best in NFL history if projected over a full NFL season. He also has the perfect QB throwing to him to do it too. Let’s face it with all the rule changes the last few years, there has been an explosion in offenses, where below average QB's put up better numbers then John Elway’s best years. With a new playbook coming to the Cowboys and supposedly leaning on the talents of what they have instead of forcing Tony to be a magician. This could be a Huge year for Dez, Tony and the Cowboys. I look for Dez to be in the top 3 and Tony to have one of his best years so far. It’s good to dream but Dez may be on to something here....

Scot Alpert

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