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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Are the Browns doing enough in free agency to compete.

A Look At The Browns Free Agent Signings

I thought it might be interesting to take a quick look at who the Browns picked up in free agency the past couple of days.

Paul Kruger

The Browns kicked off free agency with the signing of ex-Raven Paul Kruger. Kruger was a 2nd round pick out of Utah, by the Ravens in the 2009 draft. In 51 games with Baltimore, including 6 starts, he amassed 15.5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 13 passes defensed, 1 forced fumble, 3 fumbles recovered, 49 tackles, and 23 assists. While these numbers are not overwhelming, he will be counted on heavily to help put pressure on the QB.

Desmond Bryant

The Browns followed up the signing of Kruger by signing former Oakland Raider Desmond Bryant. Bryant was an un-drafted free agent signing, out of Harvard, by the Raiders in 2009. In 62 games with Oakland which included 18 starts he recorded 10.5 sacks, 2 passes defensed, 3 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 91 tackles, and 31 assists. He was brought in to add depth to an already talented defensive front line.

Quentin Groves

The Browns continued their spending by signing former Arizona Cardinal Quentin Groves. Groves was a 2nd round pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars, out of Auburn, in the 2008 draft. In 79 games with the Jags, Raiders, and Cardinals including 29 starts he recorded 6.5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 6 passes defensed, 4 forced fumbles, 2 fumbles recovered, 107 tackles, 30 assists, and 1 safety. He played for Ray Horton in Arizona last year, so he should familiar with his schemes.

Gary Barnidge

The Browns also signed former Carolina Panther back-up tight Gary Barnidge. Barnidge was drafted by the Panthers in the 5th round, out of Louisville, of the 2008 draft. In 63 games for the Panthers, which included 12 starts he caught 18 passes for 320 yards and 1 touchdown. He will be asked to help shore up a weak tight position for the Browns.

These are the free agent signings as of the writing of this article.

Kevin Clarke


  1. I wish the Browns would of addressed the WR position in free agency. Yes we probably needed a pass rusher for the new scheme but we desperately need a veteran wide out to help out our raw but talented receivers . The draft is rich in defense and we could of got defense talent from the draft. The Brown's could of got a wide out along with Paul Kruger and a corner. I just hope this doesn't bite the brown's in their butts. The draft is weak in Wide outs and QB. getting a WR would of helped out Brandon weeden and stretch out the field for Trent Richardson. Remember our defense kept us in most of our games. I hope this new coaching staff know what they are doing!!!

  2. Cornerback is the glaring need now. Many CB free agents have been signed, time for The Banner Bunch to sign one before it is too late as they cannot assume Milliner will fall to six in the draft.

    A solid offseason so far though. I give them a B to B+.

  3. Who is going to cover the WR's from the other

  4. With the emergence of Dumervil onto the free agent market, browns should definately go after him...AND whatever top CBs are left. Forget about mallet. You can always pick up a backup QB or a even someone fighting for a starting position in the draft. CB has to be their top choice with that 6th pick. And whatever they can add to the defense, they defineately need to do.

  5. anyone that says get a wide out has no business ever commenting again about anything, Fact is The Browns need defense and nothing more this year, We have a nice bunch of young guys at wide out, Let us for a change see what our players can do, instead of screwing them up and benching them, For free Agent wide outs, If you continue down this path, It is the same path that has got you drafting 6th again, get over your crazy thinking, Quit listening to the air heads on KNR and triv, They are all blow Hard's who know nothing, But You Believe every word that these guys say,get a brain every year guys like this talk all about need of a qb, fact is Cleveland u run guys out of town, free agents do not want to come to a team that drafts and plays a new QB Every year, get a good defense then work on the needs of offense if there turns out to be any, Cleveland replaces QB's Faster then Owners and GM's, Fact is friends Browns are doomed, You Have a President who calls all the shots, and the rest of front office has there nose up his ass, U have a GM who was promoted to GM because Hollywood wants to do a movie called Draft Day, So Our GM Got His Job because of a movie, Your front office is so zDisfunctional, You Have no chance to improve, Follow me at @bigtime1957 on twitter

  6. CB, yes, agreed.#1 priority. Draft Jarvis Jones in the first round, or trade back. BUT, signing Julius Edelman would be pretty bada** and it would fill multiple holes left by Josh Cribbs exit. When healthy, Edelman is a beast. If NE didnt have Welker, JE wouldve had an insane amount of all purpose yards. Plus he's an Ohio native, love it.

  7. Hey guys, as much as I will miss Cribbs the team is moving on! I have not seen this kind of change in years. We had a pretty good defence last year, but we were lacking a pass rush! Do you forget what we've lived with since the 80's. You've got $437 in the bank (if your lucky), but this guys got Billions thats with a (B). He's trying!!!!!!!. Give the guy and the team a chance. Mike

  8. Cornerback, OG, safety and TE (in that order) are bigger needs than WR right now. Gordon, Little, Benjamin and Norwood can hold it down for another year. Improvement in running game(OG) can buy time for QB and improve WR play immediately. A veteran TE will also help WR position.

    Defensive holes (CB & safety) have to be plugged to move into 8&8 range next year.

  9. Benjamin will do fine replacing cribbs. Our young WRs are going to be great. Get a left gaurd. the one we have aint cutting it. CB CB CB CB. D line has been greatly improved. If your old enough to remember Dixon and Minniefield. Get Super Joe some help. With 2 great CBs D-line and LBs get more time to get there. And these guys can. When our corner is beat deep 8 yards off the ball we are screwed. 3 way comp Macoy, Weeden, Lewis. May the best man win.

  10. I am okay with what they have done so far. I am hoping they are waiting for the dust to settle before they make any more moves.

    I say we take Milliner or Jones if they are available. If they are gone, we dangle our 6th pick to Arizona (7th) and Buffalo (8th). I'm guessing one will want to move up for Geno Smith. We should be able to get a 2nd or 3rd rounder out of the move down.

    Then we need to move down, if possible another 2 or 3 picks and pick up a 5th or 6th round pick, then grab Rhodes from Florida State.

  11. i cant believe we let Avril get away. especially what Seattle ended up paying him. bad non move Banner

  12. Team needs help at DB and on the O line to help block for Richardson. In the Draft trade back not past the 12th pick and get a teams second rounder with it. Draft CB Xavier Rhodes in the first, FS Eric Reid in second, OL Brian Winters (K State) in the third.

    Free agents now need to be WR to help our young WR group. The front 7 on D is set. Just need a Vet to help our WR to keep getting better.