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Saturday, January 12, 2013

With the loss, Tim Tebow has more playoff wins for the Broncos than Peyton Manning

Joe Flacco has outplayed Peyton Manning and led the Ravens past the Broncos.

This was one of the best playoff games I've seen in awhile.  There were turnovers, returns for TDs and two overtimes.

In the end, Joe Flacco stepped up and won this game for Baltimore.  His completion percentage wasn't great again but, he had some huge passes down field that were the difference in the game.  His pass to Jones at the end of regulation was clutch.

Peyton Manning played well but turned the ball over and threw a terrible INT in the second OT.  

I question why the Broncos didn't try to win it in regulation with two timeouts and 30sec left.  Fox will be answering those questions for awhile.

Don't forget, Tim Tebow now has more playoff wins in Denver than Peyton Manning.

I've been extremely critical of Flacco, today I give him credit, he won the game.


Scott King


  1. Should have kept Tim Tebow, Manning disappears in playoff games.

  2. I feel sorry for broncos players and fans!!!I was the biggest bronco fan in NJ not only did I stand behind my broncos when they got blown out in first 4 super bowls I was talking all kinds of smack to everyone only to have to eat crow!!!then coach Shanahan went to Denver and finally gave my favorite qb in nfl a running game and they won not one but 2 super bowls!!! Owner pat bowlin told my favorite coach he can coach den as long as he wants only to fire him after an 8 and 8 season where they went through 8 running backs that season (a running team)!!!!Denver was in almost all of those games you had no right to fire him you were not loyal to your word your coach your team and your fans!!!not to mention the fact that you allowed the best safety in Denver history to go to jets!!! Atwater deserved the same respect as Elway and you let Sharp go!!! Pat you lied you were not loyal to a player that knocked himself out to win you your first SB so why should I be loyal to an organization that is not loyal to the players and coaches that got it done for you!!!Payton I feel for you because you to were wronged by ind. I was not big on Tebow until I was forced to watch him play I saw some one throw the ball away rather than ints I saw a QB stiff arm lbs and the D responded they didn't have a glass qb they had a man to lead them.The coaching staff traded away the best weapon they had nfl leading wr the week before starting Tim,nothing like tieing his hands behind his back!!!1 and 4 when he took over lead them to playoffs and won more than manning did!!!Tim has better record in first 12 games than manning but he dosnt deserve to start in nfl!!!I am now a nfl FAN FREE AGENT FOR TEAM THAT SIGNS TIM AND IM SURE NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!TEBOW is a good role model for kids and if he don't get a shot in 13 im done with nfl and nfl ticket its become a game of gangsters that don't even hit each other anymore!!! the probowl was one of my favorite games now playing befor sb the best players are not even there ,then to watch the o and d lines just stand up after snap its a wast of my time