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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Texans free fall ends this week, but not in a good way. Ranking the playoff quarterbacks.

The Texans were my preseason pick for the Super Bowl.  By mid season I was looking pretty good with that pick.  Since then, it hasn't looked good for the Texans.

The Wildcard round brought us some pretty bad games.  The marque quarterbacks were on a bye so this week should be a lot better. 

Here are the quarterbacks and how they stack-up

1) Manning - Peyton Manning is the MVP of the League this year so he has to be the best QB on the board.  He's lead the Broncos to the #1 Seed in an AFC that has a lot of competition at the top.  This will be a great game for Manning against an old Ravens defense.

2) Brady - It's hard not to put Brady at the top but this season Peyton gets the honor.  The Patriots can put up 50 and they just might against a Texans team that is falling apart.

3) Rodgers - Aaron Rodgers is a great QB but this season it just doesn't seem like he has everything together.  There have been a lot of injuries on the offensive side of the ball this season and maybe that's it.

4) Ryan - Matt Ryan has to win this game to quiet the critics.  He's had two weeks to listen to everyone talk about how he can't win in the playoffs.  He will have so much pressure on him before the game starts I hope he can concentrate.  Too bad he's running into the Seahawks buzzsaw defense.

6) Wilson - Russell Wilson is playing at a very high level right now and the only rookie QB still in the playoffs.  He landed on a great team and has taken advantage of his opportunities.  A great defense and great running game help a young QB's development.

6) Schaub - The Texans and Schaub are really struggling.  They beat the Bengals last week but it wasn't an impressive victory.  Schaub has to score on every possession to keep up with the Patriots.  I don't see that happening.

7) Kaepernick - I think the right devision is to have Kaepernick start over Alex Smith.  The 49ers have a more explosive feel on offense with Colin behind center.  I like where he's going but he's not at the top of this list yet.

8) Flacco - I do not see Ravens' fans obsession with Joe Flacco.  He went 12-23 last week.  I don't care what his yards were, you cannot consistently win in the NFL throwing around 50%.  The Ravens are going to get rolled this weekend.


Scott King

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