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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Redskins and Seahawks game matches two rookie QB's, how do they stack up? Ranking the postseason quarterbacks.

Which rookie will excel this weekend?

The playoffs are here and it's time to analyze the players and teams.

Here's a look at the Quarterbacks in the playoffs and how they stack-up against each other.

#1 - Peyton Manning - After the season Peyton had it's hard not to put him at the top of the list.  He has home field, the experience and his team is rolling right now.

#2 - Tom Brady - Brady and the Patriots have a first round bye yet again.  The Patriots need their defense to step-up if they want to win the Super Bowl, they don't need to worry about their QB.

#3 - Aaron Rodgers - Rodgers can put up big numbers on offense and that's not their problem.  This is another team that needs their defense to step-up

#4 - Matt Ryan - Ryan has his team in position with a first round bye but everyone is waiting to see what they'll do in the playoffs.  We'll see next week.

#5 - Matt Schaub - This is probably too high for how Schaub based on how he's been playing lately.  The Texans are falling now and they may be out of the playoffs this weekend.

#6 - Robert Griffin III - If his knee was better RG3 would be higher on the list.  He's been a great story this season.

#7 - Andrew Luck - The Colts were the worst team in the league last year, blew-up their roster and somehow they won 11 games and made the playoffs.  Luck should be rookie of the year and an MVP candidate based on his supporting cast.

#8 - Russell Wilson - The Seahawks are the hottest team in the league right now and everyone is jumping on their bandwagon.  Wilson has played outstanding this year and should go far in the playoffs.

#9 - Andy Dalton - Last year Dalton was the rookie leading his team to the playoffs.  He has a great WR in Green and is playing solid.  I just don't see him as better than the rookies.

#10 - Colin Kaepernick - The 49ers are probably the most complete team in the playoffs, but they do have a question mark at QB.  I like Kaepernick better than Smith, he just doesn't have the starts the other guys do.

#11 - Joe Flacco - I'd put Flacco last but I think Ponder is actually less talented than Flacco.  The Ravens fired their offensive coordinator, have Ray Rice, Boldin and Smith at WR and still struggle on offense.  But according to Ravens fans, it's not Flacco's fault.

#12 - Christian Ponder - I've never thought Ponder was an NFL QB and he's proving me right.  AP literally carries this team and Ponder just needs to stay out of the way.


Scott King

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