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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Patriots missed out on the Super Bowl, does this change Tom Brady's legacy?

The Patriots missed out on going to back to back Super Bowls, but what does that mean for Tom Brady's legacy?  On my radio show this week (Football Extra Points) I talked about Tom Brandy and what his legacy was in New England. 

Tom Brady came into the NFL with no expectations.  He wasn't even the full time starter at Michigan.  It did not take him long to get on the field and lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory.

We live in "now" society where Twitter and Facebook are 24/7 along with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, ESPN360 and all the other media outlets that pump us full of highlights of what happened today in sports.

Tom Brady has three Super Bowl rings.  How many does Dan Marino have?  Zero.  John Elway has two rings and he got those at the end of his career after getting embarrassed in his previous three Super Bowls.  The difference between John Elway and Tom Brady?  Elway won his Super Bowls at the end of his career, Brady won his at the start of his career.

It's easy to forget the Broncos getting blown out of Super Bowls when the last thing you remember is Elway holding the Lombardi Trophy and announcing his retirement.

Let's not forget that Brady won three Super Bowls in 4 years.  He also lead a team to 16-0 and played in a total of 5 Super Bowls and 7 AFC Championships.

I'm actually not a Patriots fan or really a Brady fan but when I heard the talk this week about his legacy and if he's a great quarterback I was surprised.  

Tom Brady has a few more elite years left in him but, let's not discount his achievements because they happened at the beginning of his career and not the end.

Brady is in the discussion for top 3 QB of all time, we're watching history every time he plays.


Scott King

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  1. He lead a team? Isn't that poisonous?

  2. Brady/Bellycheck and the Patriots haven't had the same success since they were caught cheating. Those SB wins and Brady's glory is tainted in much the way same way as Lance Armstrong's cheating diminished his legacy.

  3. The fact that the Pats haven't won a Super Bowl since the so-called 'Spygate' scandal is pure coincidence, absolutely no causation there whatsoever.
    They haven't won a Super Bowl (and I'm glad, since they are far and away my least favorite team along with the Cowboys), but other than that, their success has not diminished. They still win their division every year, go into the playoffs seeded either one or two with one of the top three or four records in the whole league.
    Although it bring me immense pleasure to watch the heartbreak of them missing yet another Lomabardi year after year, to imply that they haven't had success is just unrealistic, and to attribute that to Spygate is just ignorant.

  4. I get a big kick out of these cry babies slamming Tom Brady (probably THE best QB every seen.) Nobody can read a defense better and adapt his play calling better than Brady. His only weakness is the ability ti run the ball. Most of you bad mouthers are also jealous about he is married to. If I were a coach today my first pick in an open draft would be Tom Brady and build a team around him. Yea Tom!!!

  5. I think all u fools that criticize tom brady r fools his record speaks for itself!

  6. Tom Brady is the best....

  7. Tom is one of the best..just not thee best.

  8. what everybody seems to forget is that Brady had better teams around him than John Elway did the first 3 times he went to the Super Bowl. They were as close to a one man team as you are ever going to get. ELWAY BEST EVER

    1. Come on Elway the best ever??? What parallel universe are you living in?