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Monday, January 7, 2013

Notre Dame embarrasses themselves and proves that Alabama and the SECare in a different class than everyone else.

The BCS National Championship game is an embarrassment for Notre Dame. Yes there were a few bad calls but this team was dominated from the kickoff. It's not Notre Dames fault, the SEC is obviously so much better than the rest of the country it's actually embarrassing.

The SEC is bigger, stronger and faster than everyone else. Notre Dame has a very good defense and a very good football team. The problem is very good everywhere else makes you Tennessee in the SEC. If Alabama decided to run the ball on every play, they'd run for 400yds and and 35points.

I was really pulling for a close game dominated by two great defenses. What a different outcome.

Notre Dame fans should be encouraged that Kelly is building a solid program and they'll be able to compete with anyone for years to come. Anyone except the SEC. Maybe ND can play a Big Ten team next year.


Scott King


  1. quit drinking the cool aid....sec may be good, but they are not that good. they had a good game plan, we had some early calls go against us and did not tackle well at all. but great win bama. but i don't believe the sec is that great, i mean florida lost to a big east school....enough said

  2. dont forget that Florida and Lsu lost their Bowl games. Norte Dame is a rank #17 team thats rated #1 because of a somewhat soft schedule.

  3. I bet I know which players will end up broke, making it rain, and hooking up with hoes...and it isn't the Irish players. God, I hate to say that.

  4. Scott King = Full retard..

  5. The S.E.C. has been the National Champions every year for the past seven in a Row. Ha!! I can smell your envy,,,or just your Dumbshit,,,,whichever

  6. Seven in a row! Think about it before your reply. Of course there will be losses but for the most part the SEC has proved it on the field. The early calls on ND were legit calls so give me a break. As for the comment, ND didn't tackle well. Football 101, Saban teaches and expects. Blocking and Tackling win games. I would love to see some of these conferences play and SEC schedule. You think last night was a stomping. So get over it until you can back up your hating and jealousy on the field. RTR