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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Matt Ryan finally picked up his first playoff win, how far can he go? Ranking the Championship game quarterbacks.

The Falcons and Ryan finally got their first playoff win this weekend, now how can he follow it up?  

The Divisional round did not disappoint,  there were some outstanding games.  The elite quarterbacks were on display and you can see why there is such a premium on quarterbacks in the NFL.

This week on my radio show, Football Extra Points, I reviewed the Divisional games and previewed the Championship games.

I'll give my picks later in the week but here are my quarterback rankings.

1) Tom Brady - There isn't anywhere you can put Brady but the top of this list.  He's playing at an elite level right now and is shredding defenses.  He made Shane Vereen look like a Pro Bowler.  With the running game they have in place, this given Brady the ability to run play action and keep defenses honest.  The loss of Gronk will hurt but, they are use to playing without him.

2) Matt Ryan - The Falcons finally got their first playoff win with Matt Ryan at quarterback.  Ryan looked great at time and struggled at times.  Ryan threw some interceptions that allowed the Seahawks to get into the game but in the end, he led his team down the field and put them in position to make the game winning FG.  He'll play better with this first one under his belt.

3) Colin Kaepernick - What more can be said about Kaepernick.  He took over the game last weekend and dominated the Packers by running and throwing the ball.  Here is what I said in my preview:
"However, this game will be won or lost on the Packers defenses ability to stop Colin Kaepernick.  Kaepernick is a mobile QB that can run the ball and make the throws he needs to when he has the time.  The Packers defense did not play well in the middle part of the season when they were dealing with injuries. "

Looks like I nailed that one.  If Kaepernick plays like for the rest of the playoffs, he'll be holding the Lombardi.  

4) Joe Flacco - Flacco can't catch a break on my rankings.  Last week I had him as #8 and he pulled off a big game.  But, heading into this week who am I going to rank him above?  Brady - nope, Ryan - not yet, Kaepernick - not after last week.  Flacco made some big throws but his completion percentage wasn't that great and the Ravens needed some bad plays by the Broncos to give them a chance to win that game.  I still need to see more out of Flacco.

These should be some great games this weekend.


Scott King

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