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Friday, January 4, 2013

Do the Bengals or Texans have the stronger team? Comparing wildcard teams by position.

Do the Bengals or Texans have the stronger team?

Comparing wildcard teams by position.

AFC Wild Card Game - #6 Bengals at #3 Texans

QB - Matt Schaub over Andy Dalton - I really should be going with Dalton here but I'm going to stick with Schaub.

RB - Foster over BGE - This is obvious.

WR - Johnson over Green -  This is probably the last year Johnson would be ranked over AJ Green.

Defense - Push

Everything points to Houston but I think they are really struggling right now and I expect Cinci to win.

AFC Wild Card Game - #5 Colts at #3 Ravens

QB - Andrew Luck over Joe Flacco - Luck is already a better QB than Flacco will be during his career.  

RB - Ray Rice over Vick Ballard - This isn't close.

WR - TY Hilton and Reggie Wayne over Boldin and Smith - This would be a lot closer is Flacco wasn't the Ravens starting QB.

Defense - Ravens over Colts - Baltimore isn't the defense it use to be but, they're still better than Indy.

This is a close match-up.  In the end I think the difference will be Luck over Flacco.  Colts win.

NFC Wild Card Game - #6 Vikings at #3 Packers

QB - Rodgers over Ponder - This is not even close.

RB - Peterson over Packers backfield - Who's going to play for GB in the backfield?  It doesn't matter.

WR - Packers over Vikings - The Packers have a very deep WR corps and a solid TE.  The Vikings are doing it with smoke and mirrors.

 Defense - Vikings over Packers - The Packers defense is getting healthy but they're not there yet.

This looks like a close match-up but I expect to see GB run away with this one.

NFC Wild Card Game - #5 Seahawks at #4 Redskins

QB - Wilson over RG3 - If it wasn't for RG3 knee injury I'd take him.

RB - Lynch and Morris - Push.  This is a very close match-up, Lynch has the experience but you can't downplay what Morris has done.

WR/TE - Push - Neither group is that impressive.

Defense - Seattle over Redskins - The Seahawks have an elite defense and this is going to be the difference in the game.

This game will come down the Seahawks defense and they'll win this game.

Scott King

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